Jupiter in Virgo ♃ 2015-2016

Jupiter transits Virgo from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016

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Jupiter transits have a profound impact on the arc of human life from year to year.

Since last summer 2014, Jupiter transited Leo. Whenever Jupiter transits a fixed sign, life is rough around the edges. Not only that, but Jupiter in a fire sign is aggressive, full-throttle, yang energy to the max. Jupiter in Leo placed particular emphasis on children, romance and recreation, but it was far from play time. He pushed and pulled with constant tests of character. Although we had energy at our disposal to create opportunities and take big risks, Jupiter struggled mightily with the powerful, all-consuming leonine ego. The grandeur of our dreams was matched only by the supreme difficulty inherent in their manifestation. I was so optimistic at the outset as I thought this year would favor self-confidence. I suppose it did, but not as expected, with all the dark challenges crashing in day after day after day. Rather than feeling supported in our efforts to be courageous, we had to cultivate it all on our own as a way to defend against endless obstacles.

I am thoroughly excited for what’s coming next. Jupiter in Virgo turns our attention towards work, health and routine. We’ll take an intensive look at our professional life as well as daily activities conducive to ultimate productivity: proper nutrition and exercise, sleep schedules, meditation, etc. Jupiter in Virgo will help us regain bodily sovereignty. Jupiter in an earth sign comes back to the body: total agency, with impressive self-discipline.

Jupiter normally rules mutable fire sign Sagittarius so he is quite at home in fellow mutable sign Virgo. As Jupiter moves through the signs, certain domains in our life become more prosperous or “lucky.” This is not a very social year – we’re focused, diligent, working without breaks. Jupiter in Virgo can’t wait to get your life in order. It’s time to iron out all the kinks and polish the cogs. Jupiter in Virgo is a life coach, personal assistant and diehard rationalist all rolled into one. No more bullshit, no more excuses, no more lollygagging – Virgo dislikes nothing more than procrastination! If you’ve been waiting for some force to come along and kick you into action, this is it, my friends.

Virgo marks halfway around the zodiac wheel, which is appropriate considering her role as Goddess of Harvest. It is Virgo’s responsibility to cut down all that has been growing over the first half of the astrological year. In the process, we come face-to-face with the results of our labor; Jupiter in Virgo inspects as he chaffs, noting with exceptional detail what’s going well and what’s not. It’s time to sit at the table with Virgo and listen to her report – where are the weak links in our systems? She is as brutally honest as she is helpful. In fact, we should be careful not to get too concerned with making repairs. Jupiter in Virgo tells us that we’re slacking if we’re not sweating, which is false of course. It may take a few months, but we’ll find a balance between work and relaxation. This year will be incredibly busy. It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing/able to accomplish – just remember that it’s very easy to go overboard.

This is the perfect time to go on a diet, quit smoking and head to yoga. What were minor aches and pains before will be hard to dismiss now – Virgo brings even the most minute to the fore. Try ignoring areas of the body or your professional life that are less than ideal, and you’ll find that those issues are suddenly magnified to extreme proportions. Open your closet, find the skeletons, and then scrub the hell out of the floor. Virgo is a serious creature, perhaps to a fault. Let’s channel her expertise and make change – this is the essence of mutable energy after all. Jupiter in Virgo needs massive stimulation. We can’t sit still with such a long to-do list. If you’re trailing behind, look around you and be inspired by the changes that others are making, changes that will render a better life, now and in the future. This is the beginning of an entirely new chapter! Tune in, get ready.

I was born with Jupiter in Leo, so this last year was my Jupiter Return for me and everyone else with Jupiter in the sign of Leo. If you were born with Jupiter in Virgo, now comes your Return – more to come on that subject. Click here to see what sign Jupiter occupied on your day of birth.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight.

Mantra:  lucky harvest

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