Jupiter in Sagittarius ♐ Nov 8, 2018

Nov 8, 2018 – Dec 2, 2019

Jupiter profoundly influences human life from year to year. Since it takes 12 years for Jupiter to circle the Sun, twelve constellations in twelve years = one full year per constellation. This year Jupiter returns “home” to his ruling constellation Sagittarius.

Since Oct 10, 2017, Jupiter has been in Scorpio. As predicted, this past year was the year of reckoning – the year of #MeToo. The scorpionic Jupiterian year closes now with an unbelievable, outrageous series of events: a sexual predator has been elected to the highest court of the most powerful nation in the world. Here is a summary of what I wrote last year, well in advance of the Harvey Weinstein scandal: “…what comes next, my friends, is much more intense. It is visceral, it is real. It is about control, money, sex and desire. The mantra for Scorpio is I desire … Scorpio rules the genitals in the body, aka muladhara. And it is from here that we too will live, like animals, like feral beasts, chained by no one. Yes, this is a potent year, and we must be very careful not to manipulate one another … You will feel more intelligent than you ever have, capable of anything. Your inner witch will come back to life all these years later – your intuition, your all-knowing nature. Yes, my friends, feel it, and don’t be afraid. Scorpio means transformation. She rules fear, trust, integrity and irreversible metamorphosis. This is the year that we step into our power. This is the year that we take on something that we thought we weren’t ready for and triumph anyway. This is the year that lust devours us. This is the year of tantra; mastery; unparalleled focus and drive; and piercing eyes staring into the belly of trauma unflinchingly. It is extremely important that we banish malevolent sexual energies during this coming year … Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.”

Now Jupiter in Sagittarius. Think back to late November 2006 – mid December 2007. Think about what was going on in your life at this time, for the same themes are about to come rushing back. This next year provides an opportunity to expand upon these themes and continue working on whatever was left unfinished at that time.

This is an excellent year to travel within or without. If you have been meaning to go back to school (internal expansion of the mind) or explore international interests (outer expansion) – do it. Jupiter in Scorpio took us down to the bottom of the ocean; Sagittarius takes us out of the water and into the sparkling sky. It is time to fly, to burst into flames of ecstasy. This year is about freedom, curiosity, adventure and what it means to move forward. The mantra for Scorpio is I aim, so draw back your arrows my friends, send them forth into the starry night.

With all of this excitement and enthusiasm, it is very easy to get carried away. Stay grounded in your intuition. Opportunities, perhaps things you’ve been waiting for all your life, will arise now, but it is up to you to be prudent. If you hear an inner voice begging you to slow down and give it another thought, heed that command. This year will be a mighty test of patience. Jupiter in Sagittarius will take us to new places, fantastical places, wildest dream kind of places, this much I can assure. And the journey will not be arduous, not if we take our time.

We are dashing into the unknown with a whoop and a holler, rocketing through time and space. You will feel more alive and awake than you ever have, invincible. Your thirst for life will return, as well as your sense of justice. Sagittarius rules law, morality and ethics. With any luck, he will shine much-needed light on the same putrid caverns Jupiter in Scorpio helped us locate.

More than anything, this is a year of joy, but it does not come without its hard lessons. We may be so anxious to get where we are going that we fall and hurt ourselves. The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius, I was a teenager in high school. My braces came off for the first time in years and my smile returned. I got drunk for the first time. I went on a date with someone for the first time. I knew that my heart and life were opening exponentially. But all of this ended with disastrous consequences because I didn’t listen to my intuition, didn’t stand up for myself, didn’t get up and leave before it was too late. Do not make the same mistakes that I did. Say yes only when it is time to say yes, when you feel in your marrow that it is right, when you feel not one iota of doubt or hesitation. That is the moment, stargazers, that is the moment that will change your life, elevate your consciousness, lift you beyond.

Dates to watch: on Jan 13, 2019, June 16, 2019 and once more on Sep 21, 2019 Jupiter will form a square (challenging 90 degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. This influence can make us even more idealistic, optimistic, restless or naive. Neptune is the queen of wishful thinking. When she wrestles with Jupiter, illusion mounts, then cracks. We will be forced to acknowledge the discrepancy between what we had hoped and how it is. Attachments notwithstanding, we must be honest with ourselves. This square brings introspection (Neptune) on ingrained belief systems and visions of the future (Jupiter). Neptune lives within, swimming and dreaming. She encourages Sagittarius to rest and reflect. Without such rest, the centaur is consumed by grandiose fantasies, bubbly social events and eventual exhaustion. Jupiter is a jolly soul, but we should not forget that he belongs to the fire element. Any square involving fire can manifest as explosive anger. It may be more difficult to sleep at night. Artistic expression highly recommended, as always.

If you were born with Jupiter in Sagittarius, this year is your Jupiter Return. Click here to see your Jupiter sign.

Mantra:  I AIM


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