Jupiter in Libra ♃ 2016-2017

Sep 9, 2016 – Oct 10, 2017

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Jupiter circles the Sun every 12 years. Twelve constellations, twelve years = one full calendar year per constellation. This year it’s Libra. Jupiter transits profoundly influence the arc of human life from year to year.

Since summer 2015, Jupiter has been twirling madly through Virgo. This year was crazy busy. Virgo is Goddess of Harvest, marking halfway around the zodiac wheel. It is Virgo who cuts all that has grown. She brings us the results of our labor. Virgo inspects and chaffs, all with exceptional detail. So with Jupiter here we sat and listened to the virgin’s report. She is as brutally honest as she is helpful. What were minor aches and pains before became impossible to dismiss; Virgo brings even the most infinitesimal to the fore. This year was extremely focused on school, work, skill-building, health and bodily wellness.

Jupiter in Libra: I’ve read some pretty bland analyses of this upcoming transit, lots of them spiced with buzzwords about balance and relationships. I think Libra is much more nuanced than what these rudimentary descriptions suggest.

Yes, Libra is the constellation of interpersonal relationships and we will undoubtedly encounter many, many lessons and challenges with friends and partners of all kinds. But she is, more importantly, a mirror for the Self, and all of her teachings aim to lead us back to this realization. Libra brings who we are into harmony with not only the people in our lives but the entirety of Life: physical place, possessions, creative pursuits, work, leisure, everything. We will be stripped of what isn’t right, that which enables illusion, that which is built to fail. This is not a mental game, but one of the heart, one which speaks to what it means to be human. This is an examination of the ground upon which we stand and who is there beside us.

Jupiter in Libra squares us off with internal demons. Conversations, though appearing to occur externally, are really questions directed inward: what is preventing me from becoming the highest version of myself? Divine forces have conspired to lead me to this circle – what am I supposed to learn? Do not be mistaken, every single person you interact with, old and new, plays a very special role.

Whether single, married, widowed or floating in and out of love with seven people, we will all be instructed in the ways of co-Existence. This could be a spotlight on school, work, friends or any kind of social group whatsoever.

On November 24, Jupiter will square Pluto. This kind of aspect occurs in a cluster of three short bursts once every six years. I suspect that the weeks surrounding this rare transit will provide dramatic structural alteration. Pluto deals in transformation, rebirth, and issues such as fear, trust, integrity, power and control struggles. When we make life-altering decisions, Plutonian energy is present. Pluto represents shift. This combined with Jupiter’s sparkling, sweeping character seems to suggest change for the better, especially because it falls during the Sagittarius season and just before the New Moon – though it may not feel like positive change initially. We will see this aspect again on March 30 and August 4, 2017.

Jupiter then opposes Uranus on December 26. This kind of aspect also occurs rather infrequently – three short bursts every twelve years. From Astrologer Jamie Partridge:

“The expansive nature of Jupiter, the shocking nature of Uranus, and the antagonistic nature of the opposition mean that there is likely to be a particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, then the more upsetting the change is likely to be … At the deeper level you are seeking a burst of higher awareness, to transcend your daily routine and bring on a spiritual growth spurt.”

In all aspects involving Uranus – and especially squares and oppositions – problems present themselves immediately and aggressively, making them impossible to ignore. You may feel as though you are being forced in a certain direction. Watch for extreme restlessness, even recklessness. Uranus dances at a devilish in pace. Everything (including revelations) will come suddenly and without warning. In this way, priorities/values become ultra clear and new levels of conscious awareness are attained rapidly. Otherwise, Uranus systematically peels away that which inhibits growth. This opposition will lift long-forgotten veils. Walk away from whatever keeps you captive; unfurl your wings; unleash your voice. This transit prophesies the unforeseen, the instantaneous. We will see it again on March 2 and September 27, 2017.

If you were born with Jupiter in Libra (1968/69, 1980/81, 1992/3), this year is your Jupiter Return. Click here to see your Jupiter sign.

Mantra:  I accept this challenge


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