Jupiter in Leo ♃ 2014-2015

Jupiter enters Leo on July 16, 2014 and will transit here until August 11, 2015

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For the next year, Jupiter will transit fixed fire sign Leo. What can we expect?

Whenever a planet transits a sign of the zodiac, the qualities associated with that sign are brought into sharp focus. Think of the planets as magnifying glasses that amplify the energy of whichever sign they currently occupy. As Jupiter moves through the signs, certain domains in our life become more prosperous or “lucky.”

Since last summer 2013, Jupiter transited cardinal water sign Cancer. With Jupiter in Cancer, you may have noticed boosts, bonuses or good fortune in the following areas if you felt balanced: heightened sensitivity/empathy, emotional strength, family matters, feminine energy, reconciliation with the past, caring for others and building of support systems. IF however you felt more imbalanced over the last year, you may have experienced an unusual increase in the following: clinginess, lethargy, melodrama, emotional fragility, gullibility, excessive doubt or fear.

Jupiter normally rules mutable fire sign Sagittarius so he is quite at home in fellow fire sign Leo. Fire is all-consuming and powerful. With Jupiter in a fire sign, we have greater drive to create our own opportunities. We are more inclined to dream big and take risks. Make this the year that you finally summon the confidence to do what you have always wanted, professionally or otherwise. Harness the power of the flame and BLAST OFF!

Expect to feel more courageous and outgoing. Just as fire grows and spreads rapidly, your social circle, professional life or interests may expand dramatically. With Jupiter in Leo, you will feel more generous with yourself and others, and not just in a material sense. This generosity may take the form of encouragement. Express sincere pride in your loved ones – your confidence in them is a marvelous, irreplaceable gift!

Leo is the fixed sign of the lion. Jupiter in Leo encourages us to embody the positive qualities of the lion. The balanced lion is dignified, affectionate, romantic and genuine. The lion’s greatest challenge is avoiding egotism and stubbornness. It is true that Leo often gets a bad rap for being self-centered. Channel your newfound Leo pride into admiration for others, healthy self-love and creative expression. The balanced lion loves nothing more than helping others – perhaps because this is the best way to improve the self!

Leo rules all things related to entertainment, children, romance, self-improvement and recreation. Expect your love life to kick up a notch – Leo energy is very sexually potent. Arts & crafts, sports, theater and film may figure prominently in the next year. Leo is notorious for loving the limelight and hamming it up too. You may interact with more children or improve relationships with children who are already in your life. If not, perhaps this is a time when you get in touch with your inner child. Expect to feel more playful. Your inner child will help you enjoy life more fully rather than question your happiness – why do we do that?! Leo is also prone to excess. Watch for splurging, giving away things that you really need or self-destructive behavior.

Jupiter was last in Leo from August 2002 to August 2003. According to CafeAstrology:

What we started during this period is now enjoying a Jupiter return, so that it might blossom, increase, or require adjustments in order to grow further.

I was born with Jupiter in Leo, so this year will be what is known as a Jupiter Return for me and everyone else with Jupiter in the sign of Leo. Check out this chart to see what sign Jupiter occupied on your day of birth.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight.

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