Full Moon in Virgo ♍ Mar 12, 2017

Sunday, Mar 12 at 10.54am

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This particular full moon was known by the Algonquins as the Full Worm Moon because it coincides with springtime softening and the reappearance of earthworm casts. It has also been called the Sap Moon because it demarcates maple tapping season. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Pisces and Virgo: infinity vs. finitude; dreams vs. reality. Pisces flows, Virgo tightens. The virgin’s shadow is ruthlessness. We become mechanical, rigid and insensitive when we listen only to Virgo. Pisces, however, can be deceitful, indecisive, passive aggressive and irrational. This full moon slings two equally powerful temptations: vanishing in a cloud of addiction/denial (Pisces) or drowning in dizzying circles of anxiety (Virgo).

Virgo rules the rational, waking, pondering, judging mind. Pisces, on the other hand, rules fantasies and intoxication. The fishes live in the richness behind closed eyes. Inner voices they honor as highest truth.

This is all good, but we have to remain grounded and present, even as we sink below. Attention is intention. Habitually slipping into twilight nothingness compromises our potential as extramundane beings. The Full Moon in Virgo shakes us by the shoulders: be aware! Keep your eyes open, head up! It is very easy, especially for those of us who are decidedly right-brained, to ignore obvious signals.

Here we are, one foot on Earth and the other quickly turning translucent, pulled by an unseen force to the farthest star. In our toes the fishes swim in rings of perpetuity, urging us toward the ocean’s rocky depths. Sorry love, you can’t leave the world just yet, fantastically suspended, vaporizing in the vacuum. Awaken from your soul-coma. The thought of starting here to get there is painful, I know, but together we can transform collective reality into Neptunian bliss.

Mercury burns into Aries one day after the full moon, and by then Luna will already be in Libra. Around noon on March 15, the moon swims into Scorpio. Late in the evening of March 17, Luna breaks free in Sagittarius. The quarter moon period begins around noon on March 20 when the moon makes her final stop in Capricorn. This comes hours after the Aries season begins. Sweet rebirth is just around the corner, you delightful, sensitive, loving moonfolk.

Celebrate the full moon with Virgo Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  self-respect


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