Full Moon in Taurus 🐮 Nov 6, 2014

The Full Moon in Taurus comes exact on November 6, 2014 at 5:23 PM EST

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At the Full Moon we reap the seeds sown with every New Moon. This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Frost Moon or Full Beaver Moon because it comes at a time when Natives and settlers would set beaver traps before the water froze completely. All that we intended during the Scorpio cycle now comes to culmination. The Moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon face each other in total opposition between fixed water Scorpio and fixed earth Taurus: form vs. formlessness. Taurus loves things, especially nice things. The bull invests deeply in terrestrial life, often placing too much importance on money, houses, cars and other worldly status symbols. However, the balanced bull is actually content with very little. Taureans easily derive immense pleasure and satisfaction from the simple things in life.

If Taurus can succeed in suppressing a deep want for material possessions, the next challenge is overcoming inertia. The bull is notoriously lazy, slow-moving and apathetic, often working in short yet highly productive bursts. Taureans quickly make up for lost time due to the sheer quality of their work. They have a wonderful eye for aesthetic, immaculate attention to detail and a profound connection/aptness with their hands. Many Taureans are artists, in particular those who work with 3D materials such as clay or glass. Many Taureans describe themselves as highly tactile and sensual. The bull seeks fulfillment through the body. Taureans are usually quite affectionate. Their weaknesses include all things soft, warm and fuzzy; baked goods; cats; fine art; passionate music; gourmet food; perfume/incense; long showers; sleeeep.

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is between that which is visible and invisible. Whereas Taurus abides peacefully and effortlessly in the raw forms of physical space, Scorpio yearns to transform that physical reality in order to see through it, to understand all that is intangible. I like to visualize this transit, following last month’s rather extreme Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries, as a fat cat settling deeply into an overstuffed couch. We are feeling quite content, maybe even complacent. Unlike the last Full Moon, this one should be relatively quiet. However, it has a special intensity of its own. Both the bull and the scorpion desire total connection, whether that means skin-to-skin or soul-to-soul. For those who can take it, this is a truly magical time we are entering. The light within keeps growing and growing.

Unlike the bull, Scorpio is attracted to crisis and volatility. This makes the imbalanced scorpion emotionally unpredictable. The bull diverts our attention to the external environment; the scorpion dives below to investigate mysteries within. The conflict is between simplicity and complexity. Our greatest challenge is, as always, to recognize the supreme importance of both ends of the spectrum. Are you connected to the au-delà? Or do you spend so much time out in the cosmos that you neglect life here in the present moment?

Opposite signs on the zodiac wheel have inherent differences, but they also have a lot in common. Taurus and Scorpio both want to live a life of quality rather than quantity. However, the scorpion is more comfortable exploring what lies beyond the horizon, so to speak. Scorpios are often very interested in deep space, spirituality, abstract art, mysticism and the paranormal. Too much Scorpio energy pushes us into the whirlpool, stuck in the recesses of the psyche, the past, obsessions, fears. Too much Taurus energy cements us to the false idea that all you can see is all that is. Scorpio reminds the bull that true power lies in conquering our fear of the unknown; the bull reminds the scorpion that it’s perfectly acceptable to spend time making our bodies and physical environment comfortable. Taurus molds, sculpts, shapes, builds, fortifies; Scorpio inquires, understands, knows, feels, desires.

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