Full Moon in Sagittarius #2 ✨ June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20 (Summer Solstice) at 7.04 am EST

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Welcome to Part Ⅱ, happening mere hours before the Sun moves into Cancer. We had a Full Moon in Sagittarius last month as well. This is rather unusual as the skies normally deliver just one full moon in each sign per year, but sometimes the natural wobbling of planetary alignment affords us the opportunity to reap the benefits more than once, so enjoy everyone. The Moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon again in total opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius. There is a clear delineation at this full moon between doing without thinking and thinking without doing. We have blind optimism pitted against inaction and tripatouillage. Gemini thinks nonstop as he picks apart everything that happens to/around him. The imbalanced twins are often too rigid and tight to realize that life must be experienced to be known.

Even the smallest of details and ostensibly insignificant decisions are very important. These full moons are lessons in reality and the consequence of choice, and this has been a theme for a few months now with Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius and Mars too. Although he’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, Sagittarius doesn’t miss anything. Even when we are especially careful, the archer turns us back to the end of the line to start again. All may seem perfectly fine, but if something doesn’t fit the centaur’s strict requirements, no matter how infinitesimal, our endeavoring will be met with a zero tolerance policy.

These Gemini-Sagittarius full moons are awkward and deceptively complicated. We have to learn how to say no to the centaur when he wants to run away so we can properly focus the mind, but then we must also simultaneously sidestep a myriad of bottomless potholes along the corkscrew of the mind-path. These potholes lead, at this juncture, to nervousness, loaded silence, superiority complexing and two-faced behavior. Probably the most exasperating aspect of all is that not everyone is going to be onboard, so even when we are operating at our absolute best, we inevitably encounter roadblocks in the form of immaturity, unwillingness to cooperate, stubbornness. Don’t give up or give in, my friends, because this is the key to everything – without challenge, life is meaningless. Embrace the awkwardness, swallow your frustration and see what you are supposed to learn.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is an arrow that comes between the twins and separates them, illuminating Truth sealed and sewn under the flesh. This is the centaur’s duty, to rip apart the familiar, to expose what we have always known, to speak with actions that leave no mystery. We curse him as the umbilical cord is broken, but we bless him too, for all things which are false meet their end one day and when they do, we are free at last to live completely in this Truth, incapable of denial and pretending.

Whenever we are in Gemini’s domain, we gravitate in two directions at once, toward the fire and away. One moment united, the next standing directly across from our twin image. Again and again I am learning that we are both the seer and the seen. This is the magic of the Gemini constellation, this brilliant and much-needed reminder that conflict is happening only on the inside, that there is no separation between yourself and the mirror. How to have compassion for ignorance and still accomplish what you need to do and live in your own truth? That is the question, and we all have our own answers.

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Mantra:  Truth


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