Full Moon in Leo 🐱 Jan 23, 2016

Saturday, Jan 23 at 8.46 pm EST

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This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Snow Moon. Luna will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Aquarius and Leo: we vs. me, mind vs. heart. Luna rounds herself to majesty just days after the Sun enters Aquarius. Speedy manifestation. We meet in the fire of the Ego now.

Cats in heat prowling the alleys, purring and shimmying. A lovely image, especially in the dead of winter, but…too much leonine energy produces self-interest and bullying. Leo has self-serving tendencies, yes, because this is precisely how he creates and maintains reality: from the inside out, radiating from the center of the heart. The lion is incredibly passionate, and this I fear. Does Leo know how to play nicely? We shall see.

Leo seeks freedom through the trials and triumphs of the heart, Aquarius through the mind. The heart looks out for the Self, naturally; the heart is like the Moon – deeply internal and categorically personal. The mind is rational and all-inclusive, bridging the Self and the collective. They inform each other and expand as one.

As fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius make changes that reflect what they think is the best way of doing things. Said changes are often perfectly informed and helpful, but these dudes might not-so-quietly believe that only certain knowledge/methods/prescriptions behoove the greater good. Sounds like: all are welcome, but when you get here, listen to what I say.

The Full Moon in Leo represents a conflict between standing out and becoming yarn in the great cosmic loom, threaded and pressed until our own color fades blissfully into the rainbow. Two equally important sources of pride: Self and Universe.

The headstrong lion advocates individuality while the water bearer rebels instead by adopting counter-culture ideologies, spreading messages of social justice and equality to all of humanity. We are each water bearers in our own right, reviving and stimulating the collective. The Full Moon in Leo provides a much-needed break from this (sometimes) exhausting quest. The lion says: relax your vigilance and enjoy who you are. Aquarius’ constant, burning screams for revolution and inculcation dissolve, if only for a moment. Radical logic disappears amidst flaming tongues of starlight, and the lion stretches out, content, confident, self-satisfied.

The Full Moon in Leo means exuberant, unadulterated expression of your truest, most brilliant Self and appreciation for all other colorful, loving individuals. Meow. I suggest a ritual involving fire and some Leo Yoga.

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Mantra:  I love myself


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