Full Moon in Gemini ♊ Nov 22, 2018

Art: “Moon Goddess Elune” by Athena Erocith

Thursday, Nov 22 at 9.41pm PST

Moon and Sun oppose one another in Gemini and Sagittarius. This full moon is called the Cold Moon. And can I just say YAAAY because Sagittarius season is officially underway as of this full moon!

The last Full Moon in Gemini was a supermoon on Dec 3, 2017. Any themes/conflicts that predominated then will now resurface. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise – and this is true all over the world, no matter your time zone.

Gemini vs. Sagittarius: the intellect vs. the adrenaline junkie. These two archetypes are seekers and ramblers. As such this full moon brings movement, adventure, teaching and learning. Gather round, talk to your neighbors. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Take a class. Hike the unknown mountain path. Bring your notebook, record your thoughts. This is an excellent time to write, in or out of the classroom.

Gemini may scoff at Sagittarius’ constant need for movement, seemingly on a personal quest for ever greater and grander experiences. There is a certain seriousness to Gemini. Sagittarius is anything but serious. Too much Sagittarius makes life feel hurried and uninformed, yet too much Gemini makes us tight and rigid. Unleash your inner poet/singer-songwriter to properly channel the cyclone billowing round your mind at this time. I suggest calling a friend or sibling to help you sort it out.

The most important thing to remember at any full moon is that both psychic and physical energy will increase significantly. Full moons are felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. They heighten emotions and intuition, such as women experience before menstruation. During the full moon, we are more likely to overreact. It is our duty to remain calm and non-reactive no matter what. Non-reaction is the root of all journeys made in the name of self-control and self-discipline. Find a way to communicate without anger. The moon begs us to begin our sentences with, “I am feeling…”

This full moon will oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is certainly not auspicious, but it does give us an opportunity to work on the unique polarity of moon vs. Jupiter. This translates to turbulence with the mother. What’s happening here is great exaggeration in the emotional realm. We may get too easily excited, for example, or whisked away by fantasies. This also applies to how we see the world and other people. We may want so badly to see the good in others that we trust or forgive too quickly, or we may promise more than we can deliver. I want to emphasize that this full moon will happen in hyperdrive. Watch for restlessness. Moving slowly and taking time to think before speaking or acting is really crucial. On the bright side people will be exceptionally kind and generous.

In meditation, focus on the throat chakra. Calm your mind with Gemini Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am calm


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