Full Moon in Gemini ♊ Nov 25, 2015

Wednesday, Nov 25 at 5:44 pm EST

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This particular full moon is known as the Full Cold Moon [for obvious reasons]. And can I just say YAAAY because the Sagittarius season is officially underway as of today! Turn up the music people. The last Full Moon in Gemini fell on December 6, 2014. Any themes/conflicts that predominated then will now resurface. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Sagittarius and Gemini: the adventurer vs. the intellect. Luna rounds herself to majesty just days after the Sun enters Sagittarius. Still building on the energetic theme of speedy manifestation, coming up to base camp sooner than expected. We’ll be meeting in the social sphere, chatting away as Gemini does best. The greatest challenge for Gemini is stilling the mind. Out of all the signs, the twins are undoubtedly the least calm.

On the Full Moon in Gemini last year I found myself at a party. We had the social [Gemini] element, and what were we doing there? Tuning up skis and snowboards for an active [Sagittarius] winter season. Tucked away in couch corners with close friends, idly snipping words and beers and crackers, TV blaring ski videos, hippies in beanies laughing raucously in the garage as they waxed their snow devices. Here Gemini sat and talked while Sagittarius ambled around the house dreaming of gnarly slopes. For a time, we coexisted together, the motormouths and the adrenaline junkies, sharing hot chili and cider. We’ve reached this juncture once again and if you’re not excited yet…!

Some interpretations of Gemini suggest that he never ventures beyond his comfort zone. However, this comfort zone seems to only encompass the habits and mental patterns of the individual, because when it comes to traveling, changing appearances and switching careers, no one is more masterful than Gemini. This is the paradox of the twins: although they’re holing up at the party, lean in to hear them recount at light speed a plenitude of far-flung experiences. Sagittarius may glance over and dismiss these sprightly little air creatures as conceited or verbose, but in so doing, he misses the glory of the human mind on full display. Likewise, Gemini may scoff at Sagittarius’ constant need for physical movement, seemingly always on his own personal quest for the greater and grander, rather than bask in raw bodily enthusiasm, the purest encapsulation of joy in manifest form.

There is a certain seriousness to the unemotional, ultra rational approach of the twins. Gemini immediately resorts to logic and talking/writing through things in order to understand them intellectually, but there are some things in life that simply must be experienced in order to be known: as Tao master Lao Tzu decried, the way that can be named is not the Way. Sagittarius is anything but serious. Too much Sagittarius makes life feel hurried, vague and uninformed. Too much Gemini makes us tight and rigid, seated firmly in the waking, active, thinking mind. Gemini wants to categorize, discern, label, sort, identify. However, the twins remind the centaur archer that there is much to be gained from precision and accuracy.

Unleash your inner writer/poet/artist to properly channel the cyclone of thoughts billowing round your golden mind at this time. Tune in, find the realness, figure out which ideas are gravy. I suggest calling up all your homies and/or practicing some Gemini Yoga.

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Mantra:  I close both eyes to see with the other


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