Supermoon in Cancer ♋ Jan 1, 2018

Monday, Jan 1 at 6.25pm PST

This full moon is called the Full Wolf Moon. Cold and hungry, packs of wolves would howl through the night around native villages. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Cancer and Capricorn: Shakti and Shiva, divine masculine and feminine. Luna is right at home here, as Cancer is the constellation she rules. The crab and the moon are duly associated with motherhood, emotion and intuition. Cancer’s mantra is “I feel,” and indeed she feels like home.

Both Cancer and Capricorn seek to put down roots and get settled, whether physically or emotionally. They gravitate toward relationships and environments which promise longevity, safety and security. As cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn are rather straight and narrow, often choosing traditional trajectories over weird or whacky alternatives. The crab is known for her keen interest in art, cats and turbo chilling. Cancer and Capricorn love to cuddle, stay in bed all day, lounge around and eat everything in sight.

A stable partner is (usually) a priority element in what it means to feel settled. This full moon, as a culminating force, not only indicates the culmination of a relationship or, more broadly, the integration of feminine and masculine energies, but also vows to deliver seismic understanding.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is – roughly – between the heart and the head. Cancer honors the heart as an organic and integral source of information. Capricorn is the uncompromising stalwart of the zodiac, holding himself to the highest of standards, so tangled in his own idea of what should be that he rarely experiences real freedom. Though Cancer may cling fiercely to cloying comforts, she reminds the sea goat not to live only by what is, or what appears to be. Capricorn, conversely, teaches the crab discipline. In truth, he would really benefit from being more open in his heart; Cancer could likewise benefit from employing a little rationalism. Too much Capricorn makes us rigid, and too much Cancer makes us wail and worry.

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. I recommend moving slowly and cautiously on this full moon as we will be unusually susceptible to the energy of people and places. The psychic membrane separating ego from cosmos grows exponentially thinner and more porous every day. Let me communicate now that we may be very emotionally reactive or easily overwhelmed on this full moon. On the upside, the crab’s sensitivity can also make us uncommonly empathic, understanding and sincere.

This full moon is about home and family. It’s about tradition and commitment. If you, like me, are not such a traditional human, my advice is to accept your circumstances right away and don’t waste energy fighting it. A lot of good humans out there just want to stay inside the lines. Everyone’s weird, but not everyone flies their freak flag.

Luna forms two primary aspects, one helpful and the other not so helpful. Venus in Capricorn is also positioned – along with the Sun in Capricorn – directly opposite this full moon. A few hours later, the moon passes into a more harmonious trine with Neptune. Whatever interpersonal conflicts which may arise will hopefully see resolution in the same day with this helping hand from Neptune the Mystical Forgiving Soul.

Full moons always heighten emotional energy. Watch those reactions, folks. Take deep breaths, go for a walk. In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Nourish your spirit with Cancer Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  unconditional love


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