Full Moon in Cancer ♋ Jan 12, 2017

Thursday, Jan 12 at 6.35 am EST

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This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Wolf Moon. Cold and hungry, packs of wolves would howl through the night around Native American villages. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Capricorn and Cancer: Shakti and Shiva, divine masculine and feminine. The Moon is ruler of Cancer. When a planet returns to the sign it rules, we say that this planet is “at home.”

The crab is associated with protection, emotion and intuition. Cancer feels like home, and Cancer’s mantra happens to be “I feel.” The crab is known for her exceptional artistic abilities and keen interest in cats, cooking, music and dance. Those born under this sign move slowly and cautiously as they are quite susceptible to the vibrations of people and places. The psychic membrane separating Cancer from the external world is thin and porous. Due to this, crab types are easily overwhelmed. On the upside, this sensitivity makes Cancer uncommonly understanding, empathic and sincere. As cardinal signs, balanced Cancers are usually able to keep it together pretty well during tense moments, but at the first opportunity, they have to let it all out.

Both Cancer and Capricorn want to put down roots and get settled early in life, whether physically or emotionally. They gravitate toward whatever feels safe and centered. For example, both the crab and the sea goat love to cuddle, stay in bed all day, lounge around the house in pajamas and eat everything in sight! This axis seeks relationships/environments which promise longevity and security. It is no small deal when the sea goat or crab devote themselves to another.

A stable partner is (usually) a priority element in what it means to feel settled. This full moon, as a culminating force, not only indicates a relationship or, more broadly, something regarding the integration of feminine and masculine energies, but also promises to deliver seismic understanding. Whatever necessary changes you don’t make will happen on their own by next month’s full moon. My advice: make change now rather than wait for unexpectedly powerful forces.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is between the heart and the head, although this is a bit of an oversimplification. More accurately: Cancer sees and protects the heart as an organic and integral source of information. Capricorn is the uncompromising stalwart of the zodiac, holding himself to the highest of standards, so bound up in his own ideas of what should be that he rarely experiences real freedom. Cancer may cling fiercely to cloying comforts with sharp pincers, but she also reminds the sea goat not to live only by what is, or what appears to be. Capricorn, conversely, teaches self-discipline, although he would do well to be more open; Cancer could likewise better learn to employ rationalism. Too much Capricorn makes us rigid, and too much Cancer makes us wail and worry.

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Mantra:  I listen to my heart


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