Full Moon in Aries ♈ Sep 24, 2018

Monday, Sep 24 at 7.54pm PST

Moon and Sun oppose one another in Aries vs. Libra: the axis of relationships. The Algonquins call this full moon the Hunter’s Moon. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

If any full moon were to suggest conflict, it would be this one, riding in on the back of fiery, impulsive Aries. Peace-loving hippies tremble when Aries the warrior appears on the horizon.

Aries rules the head, brain, eyes, face and muscles in the body, as well as blood flow. Adjectives like hotheaded come directly from the archetype of Aries. Nothing about this full moon is quiet. At this full moon we must avoid hotheaded behavior, eyes burning in the sockets, a flaming tongue singeing all who cross your path.

Aries can be unpredictable, reckless, temperamental, restless. Nothing comes soon enough or fast enough in his world. Screaming, yelling, fighting, blaming – all are distinct possibilities. Stay cool out there.

Each human relationship and conflict is a microcosm of the emotional labor being performed on a greater level across the globe. This full moon asks whether our interpersonal relationships are mutually respectful. The health of our partnerships will be directly reflected in our own physical and psychic health. If you are not surrounded by the right people or partners, you will know immediately. Exit now.

Locking yourself into toxic relationships now may bring about serious consequences during the upcoming Scorpio season. Even if you ignore your intuition, the conflicts you inevitably encounter will direct you where you need to go. Move slowly, though you know already what to do. Insight is forthcoming, readily available.

The astrology of this full moon is contentious: the sun and moon face off, and then squaring both the sun and moon is good old Saturn in Capricorn. These angles suggest confrontation of trust and fear in relationships. Look for defense mechanisms in the form of reticence or rigidity. Self-loathing, pessimistic patterns have the opportunity to be broken now. Any deep unhappiness or feelings of inadequacy will rise to the fore.

Stay close to your soul tribe. Like a new star in the sky, like a butterfly unfurling, soar as though you have just discovered your body. The real magic of Aries is rebirth, primordial fire, bones licked clean, muscles straining to reach the highest peak. RISE UP FROM ALL DIRECTIONS!

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. They heighten emotions and intuition, such as women experience before menstruation. During the full moon, we are more likely to overreact. Get it all out with Aries Yoga. In meditation, focus on the solar plexus chakra. Wear warm colors such as red, orange or yellow. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I AM


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