Full Moon in Aries 🔥 Oct 5, 2017

Thursday, Oct 5 at 11.41am PST

This full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon by the Algonquins of North America. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Aries and Libra: the relationship axis. This full moon suggests real conflict. Libra, keeper of the peace, dances with Aries the warrior, full of ego. Your interpersonal relationships – are they mutually respectful? The health of your partnerships is a direct reflection of your own health. We’re not just working on individual relationships, but the integration of humankind in its entirety.

Let me be clear: Libra always wins. The goddess of Truth and Justice is an almighty creature with an immaculate track record. Locking yourself into toxic relationships now will result in serious emotional work during the upcoming Scorpio season. But even if we ignore our intuition, the conflicts we encounter will forcefully direct us where we need to go. It’s gritty, it’s real.

Be extremely careful about who. Move slowly but don’t think too much, it’s not complicated. You know already what you will choose. Clairvoyance is there, fully operational.

No event at this full moon is quiet. Aries rules the head, brain, eyes, face and muscles in the body, as well as bloodflow. Adjectives like hotheaded come directly from the archetype of Aries. At this full moon this is precisely what we must avoid: hotheaded behavior emanating from the skull, eyes burning in the sockets, and a flaming tongue singeing the hearts of all who cross the devil’s path.

The ram is reckless, angry, impatient, restless. Nothing comes soon enough or fast enough for him. His temper can be uncontrollable. Screaming, yelling, fighting, blaming others in a childlike fashion – all of these are distinct possibilities. STAY COOL.

Our karma depends on what and how well we have learned. Our karma depends on Self-love. If you have not surrounded yourself with the right people or partners, you will know immediately. If you have become embroiled in a community or social situation which is snarling with fear and hatred, exit now.

Find the right people to walk with you through hell. Feast your soul on embodied leaders and allies who use the whole brain. Then, like a new star in the sky, like butterfly wings unfurling, rupture as though you have just discovered your body. The real magic of Aries is the rebirth, primordial fire, bones licked clean, muscles straining as we lurch, newborns flung from the rocky ring to the highest peak. RISE UP FROM ALL DIRECTIONS!

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Mantra:  I AM


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