First Quarter Moon in Virgo #2 ☽ June 20, 2018

Wednesday, June 20 at 3.52am PST

The Sun in Gemini squares the moon in Virgo again – we just had a quarter moon in Virgo on May 21. Reflect on this day to learn what themes are returning. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight.

This is an incredibly busy, action-packed moon phase with both mind and body moving at the speed of light. Under the Gemini sun, we are exceptionally social and extroverted. With a Virgo moon pitted in the stomach and a Gemini sun chasing wind spirits through the clouds, life is a blur. Work, friendship and creative inspiration blossom like limes from a dripping turquoise vine. The spirit responds with giddy laughter, bending up and out of the body.

Virgo rules work and health. Her gifts often come in the form of manual labor. At this quarter moon, give thanks to work, co-workers, land, routine, schedule and order. See everyone moving together, high on hive mind. Visualize polished machines, bicycles, gears and wheels.

Virgo demands responsibility and discipline. Her shadow is an anxious, ruthless perfectionist, obsessed with practicality. Virgo goads us to work harder, longer, faster. She helps Gemini get out of the mind and back to the hands, back to the soil.

Our soul yearns now for work and routine. Find a groove and dig into it. Help your neighbors, reach out to your community. When the day is done, make food together. Celebrate the fruits of your harvest. Revel in the strength of your body. Sweat and bleed on the earth. Let her know you are here.

We all have different interests, abilities and opportunities, which means that we all enjoy different work. Some people work outside, some people stay inside all day. Some people work towards sustainability, others are destroying the environment. As humans, we seek meaning and purpose in our work. Activity which make one feel genuinely productive and useful is a great antidote to depression. Good work is like good yoga: it clears the mind and body of impurities.

This phase comes on the last day of the Gemini solar cycle. The moon is waxing, gathering momentum for fullness. Luna moves into Libra just a couple hours after the quarter moon is exact. A harmonious trine will form between Mercury and Neptune, so it should be a very warm and fuzzy day. However, the day after this quarter moon (Summer Solstice) there is a challenging opposition between Venus and Mars. Actually, when I look at the calendar, it seems like the rest of the summer is going to be pretty crazy. Lots of eclipses and retrogrades on the horizon!

Look and ye shall find humble farmers all around. Go outside, get dirty. Receive the blessings of the earth. I suggest twisting yoga poses to increase blood flow to the intestines, ruled by Virgo. Stay healthy with light meals and Virgo Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

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