First Quarter Moon in Scorpio #2 ☽ Aug 22, 2015

The 1st Quarter in Scorpio comes exact on Saturday August 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm EST

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Yes, we had a first quarter in Scorpio last month too (First Quarter Moon in Scorpio). Sometimes we end up with two identical moon phases all in the same cycle. We have an incredible opportunity now to apply wisdom gleaned from round one. I am grateful to receive the scorpion’s blessings a second time, although I must admit that round one was particularly difficult.

The Sun in Leo squares the moon in Scorpio. We are encouraged now to examine all that was established with the New Moon in Leo. At every full moon we manifest new moon intentions; as such, the week between the first quarter and full moon (Aug 22 – 29) is quite potent.


KNOW that all things happen for a reason

• be mindful of power and control struggles – this is the nature of fixed energy

• a recent mantra of mine: the world is good, people are good

Take care of yourself. Remember that we are all undergoing constant, inevitable metamorphosis. There is no being, only becoming. What we want and what we receive may appear to be different, but in actuality they are not. The physical mind is not designed to shape or create the future. This is the sole responsibility of the higher mind.

• embrace uncertainty – we are approaching irreversible change

let go, follow your highest excitement in every moment, allow the Self to be free

• connect with others, resist the urge to dwell in darkness

• cultivate trust in the unseen – stay guarded but not closed

Now comes the second rebirth in our sense of Self and ultimate identity. Within you there is a vast distance which must be overcome. The center of centers reaches out to the extremes. What we are trying to collate and reconcile are two entirely different modes – have compassion. This is a very emotional time. Watch for greater volatility in the form of outbursts and the unveiling of secrets.

cautious not suspicious

optimistic not idealistic

confident not egotistical

It is neither our privilege nor our burden to know what comes next. Assume nothing! The Moon passes over Saturn in Scorpio just hours before the quarter moon comes exact. Saturn lends a helping hand here. What would normally require great strength to remain calm passes quietly and sweetly. When balanced, we are focused, organized and productive, approaching problems with a responsible attitude. The plans we make are built to last, rooted firmly in reality. If you feel weak or lonely, know that this is because the Universe is asking you to learn how to rely on the Self and no one else – a gift, not a curse! I suggest meditation near water.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I move within


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