First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☽ Aug 29, 2017

Tuesday, Aug 29 at 1.14am EST

The Sun in Virgo squares the moon in Sagittarius. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

Mega mutability in the skies is cosmic stimulation, body piqued, electrified. Expect plenty of social interactions, taking shape in a bright ring, a circle of voices; hands they work, tongues they wag.

Sagittarius is the soaring one we envy, alive in unfolding wonder. Sagittarius is the voice of freedom, the spirit dancing before the tribe at midnight hour. The centaur suggests more joyful, forgiving attitudes. He knows that all things are possible.

Though it swirls in candied light, Sagittarian idealism is not always to be trusted. Wrench your eyes from the centaur bobbling playfully. Come into Virgo’s arms. Observe her maturity and her methods. See the way she seamlessly interweaves hands, gut feelings and earthen power. Her counsel is ancient, sourced directly from the roots of Gaia, frosted by truth.

Virgo pours out her seeds on smooth pine in the golden garden of dawn. Rolling her fingers delicately over every one, she speaks plainly, guiding and sorting. For autumns endless she has nimbly shuffled her seeds before us. And every autumn Sagittarius peers around the gate.

Sagittarius is expansive; he is good; but he is zany, disorganized, always running. When you see him shimmering in the field, question him, invite him in for tea. Only when he is calm can we learn his Way. Do not mistake his enthusiasm and booming voice for affirmation. Center your vision on the tip of the arrow and see its trajectory billions of ripples in the distance, fixed to a star moving thousands of kilometers per second, reeling, poised, dipping, exploding.

This quarter moon comes during a period which I am calling the “first fiery week” of the Virgo cycle. Life will cool off a few days later when the moon moves on to Capricorn, but you’ve been warned that humanity’s collective physical, sexual and social energy will be greatly increased at this time! At this phase, the moon forms a strong trine (120 degree angle) to Venus in another fiery constellation: Leo. All trines suggest harmony, and all harmonious aspects involving Venus/Luna are especially friendly and graceful. I expect that this will be an extremely social moon phase.

Aug 31 – Sep 2: Moon in Capricorn

A good time to eat, plant and harvest roots. These are days filled with hard work and unparalleled focus. Get plenty of sleep and don’t eat too late at night. This will be the last chance to get some work done before the moon distracts us with Aquarian magic and her bountiful fullness.

Sep 2 – 4: Moon in Aquarius

A good time to eat, plant and harvest flowers. Expect the unexpected and don’t make any definitive plans. Weird things always happen when the moon is in Aquarius. I suggest adventure and doing something new. You may interact with foreigners or spend more time on social media, on the phone or working with technology in some capacity. Aquarius is also associated with old things becoming new again, so playing deep in the dirt or sorting through antiquities would be a nice way to get in touch with this renaissance energy.

Sep 4: The moon enters Pisces late in the evening, marking the end of the quarter moon phase and the beginning of the full moon period.

Sagittarius the Naive skips into the forest aimlessly, tail bouncing and luminescent, mighty horse legs on stone and moss. Sagittarius the Revealer ascends in a twinkling helix to a galaxy beyond the known. I wish you a Jupiter-sized dose of LIFE. Move your body with Sagittarius Yoga. To ascertain your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I aim


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