First Quarter Moon in Pisces ☽ Nov 26, 2017

Sunday, Nov 26 at 9.03am PST

The Sun in Sagittarius squares the moon in Pisces. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

Sometimes Luna drags us into undesirable emotional backwaters at quarter phases. This is why I usually write about the possibility of emotional turbulence at the quarter phases. But rather than describe this juncture as turbulent, I’d say it is decidedly delusional, idealistic, overly optimistic, naive. Pisces is the queen of wishful thinking. Sagittarius is the starry-eyed hunter of the cosmos. When these two wrestle in the skies, illusion mounts, then cracks. We are forced to acknowledge the discrepancy between what we had hoped and how it is. Attachments notwithstanding, it is time to be honest about what isn’t working.

This quarter moon delivers deep introspection (Pisces) on sparkling belief systems and visions of the future (Sagittarius). Pisces lives within, swimming and dreaming, dreaming and swimming, and the archer burns through time and space. Sagittarius is Pisces’ fiery predecessor, restless and contagiously enthusiastic. The fishes encourage the centaur to rest and reflect. Without such rest, Sagittarius is carried away by grandiose fantasies, bubbly social events and eventual exhaustion.

As Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, she represents endings and resolution. Any moon phase in Pisces brings proverbial death of that which must die. And Sagittarius is a jolly soul, but we should not forget that he belongs to the element of fire. Any transit involving fire can lead to explosive anger, swift transmogrification and ritualistic rebirth. Think of yoga and its actual purpose: to bend the mind, not the body. Sagittarius will bend you to breaking, but he will not break you. He will blind you in the light of Truth, then gift you with even greater sight.

The moon moves into Pisces at exactly midnight on November 26 (California time). She will stay here until November 28, then move ahead into Aries, upon which we should all feel a massive energetic shift. When the moon transitions from Pisces to Aries, she is essentially transitioning from the shadow of sleep into the light of dawn.

This quarter moon comes exact in the morning of the 26th, but the moon will later be conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces, around 10pm (California time). With the moon conjunct Neptune “at home” in Pisces, we are inundated with a surge of Piscean magic. A few hours before this happens, the moon will trine Jupiter in Scorpio, another very fortuitous monthly event. Towards the end of her visit in Pisces, the moon forms one more trine to Venus in Scorpio, another auspicious aspect. Her last two stations involve a square (the same aspect created by the quarter moon) with Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn in Sagittarius  – these are more challenging aspects, so be mindful of turbulence on the morning of the 28th.

Respect your body’s need for increased sleep and relaxation at this phase. If possible, immerse yourself in some hot springs or a bath. Avoid all drugs and alcohol, even caffeine. Artistic expression is highly recommended, as always. Music and dance are inextricably connected to the archetype of Pisces. Pay special attention to your feet. Inverted yoga postures with legs on a chair or resting on a wall will be highly effective at this time, as will flowing movement exercises to drain the lymphatic system. It may be more difficult to sleep at night, so this could be the perfect opportunity to stay up and create a ceremony. Wear white or blue tones.

The centaur flips the fishes out of the water and up to the starlight. I wish you enough strength to shoot the archer’s bow and enough sensitivity to care for the fishes swimming in your heart, forever chasing tails. Like a sonic boom, like a rocket, like golden glitter snowing silently, ascend to worlds that do not yet exist! Surface from the depths and expand. You know who you are and what you believe, so rise from seated lotus and begin. Regenerate your body with Pisces Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I dream


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