First Quarter Moon in Pisces ☽ Dec 7, 2016

Wednesday, Dec 7 at 4.03am EST

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The Sun in Sagittarius squares the moon in Pisces. The moon will rise at noon in the north, peak at dusk and set at midnight in the south. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. According to CafeAstrology, quarter phases represent a “crisis of consciousness.”

Pisces is the queen of wishful thinking. Sagittarius is our resident truth-teller. When these two wrestle in the skies, illusion cracks. We are forced to acknowledge the discrepancy between what we had hoped and how it is. This is the proverbial death of one era and the beginning of the next. As Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, she represents endings and resolution. Time to part ways with the bullshit.

This quarter moon is deep introspection (Pisces) overlaying active change in direction (Sagittarius). Pisces lives within, swimming and dreaming, dreaming and swimming, but the archer moves courageously through time and space. Sagittarius is Pisces’ fiery predecessor – fearless, optimistic. The fishes would like to remind everyone to rest and reflect. If we don’t, hello frenzied rainbow road of unchecked idealism and eventual exhaustion. Sometimes we want SO badly for something to work, but we must be honest about what isn’t working. We will not grow if we refuse to acknowledge the totality.

The purpose of any last quarter moon is clearing out. Sometimes Luna drags us into undesirable emotional backwaters at quarter phases. This is where I swam at the Last Quarter in Sagittarius in early March (reversal stage with Sun in Pisces), supremely restless and frustrated. Shift came without warning and suddenly I was liberated, alone at an ashram in India. This was divine preparation for an even grander solo journey, but I could not see or comprehend the beauty of this orchestration at the time. I had to laugh when I reread the mantra I had written for that juncture: invite the unexpected. And yet I resisted exactly this!

At heart, Sagittarius is a naturally jolly soul, but we should not forget that he is born from fire. Any square involving fire lends the possibility for explosive anger, swift transmogrification and elements of ritualistic rebirth. I can promise that what may initially appear to be an obstacle is really a blessing. Sagittarius does not disappoint in his generous undertakings. I think of yoga and its actual purpose: to bend the mind, not the body. Sagittarius will bend you to breaking, but he will not break you. He will blind you in the light of Truth, then gift you with even greater sight.

Respect your body’s need for increased sleep and relaxation at this phase. If possible, immerse yourself as much as possible in hot springs or a bath. Avoid all drugs and alcohol, even caffeine. Writing and other creative expression are highly recommended. Pay special attention to your feet. Inverted yoga postures with legs on a chair or resting on a wall will be highly effective, as will flowing movement exercises to drain the lymphatic system. It may be more difficult to sleep at night, so this could be a powerful opportunity to stay up and create a ceremony. This should be a solo and silent ceremony. Loose, blue clothing is best.

The centaur flips the fishes out of the water and up to the starlight. Breathe life into expansion. Stay calm by taking care of yourself. Celebrate the moon with Pisces Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  invite the unexpected


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