First Quarter Moon in Libra ☽ June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30 at 5.51pm EST

The Sun in Cancer squares the moon in Libra. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

Cancer and Libra work together in absolute harmony, cultivating seeds of transcendental love nested in delicate places, just waiting to be born. Their square stirs our emotional anatomy in the best way.

Any tango with Libra is connected to our social life. This usually, but not always, involves romantic partnerships. If you’re single, this means friends, classmates or co-workers. Our needs at this time revolve around seeking those who make us feel at home. This moon phase draws us back to what is comfortable, loving and heartwarmingly familiar. I see tears of joy in the presence of unconditional love. I see humans embracing. I see tenderness, reunion. Exhale into the sweetness of friendship and true understanding. Seek shelter from uncertainty, for this is not where the treasure is buried.

This is another important change point, another opportunity to explore. Get in touch with old friends and/or family and notice how their company is like a mirror, a cathartic extraction. Speak with starry eyes of your life and plans, lay them out like cards. The awakened will listen sincerely, then offer their own precious grains of veracity. They will remind you of who you are, and in so doing, illuminate your needs. Wherever you go, enjoy the cuddles and let them guide you. This phase may lead you from one group to another, back into the arms of a lover, or if you’re really lucky, to the highest seat of Self-love.

Steering the heart-ship as it bobs and dips is a joyous undertaking during the Cancer cycle. Libra swoops in as the voice of reason and balancing force. It is Libra who transforms us into independent badasses. Yes, you can survive on your own. Fuck those self-limiting thoughts. And remember that conflict is never external, though Libra’s emphasis on interpersonal relationships may have you believing otherwise – it’s all happening within!

When the moon is in Libra, it is a good time to plant, eat and pick flowers. Libra rules the hair on our physical bodies, so it is also a good time to wash – but not cut – your hair. This quarter moon will be conjunct Jupiter, and squaring both Pluto and Mars.

July 2 – 4: Moon in Scorpio

A good time to eat, plant and harvest dark leafy greens. Water your plants on these days.

July 5 – 6: Moon in Sagittarius

A good time to eat, plant and harvest fruits. Also a good time to wash your hair.

July 7: The moon enters Capricorn, marking the end of the quarter moon phase and beginning of the full moon period.

Some notes I wrote in Thailand last year: Start at the beginning – with kindness – and go from there. Some will ascend with you all the way to the eye of the Creator. We are all working up to the realization that we are divine. Just because someone can’t join you up there, at the height of that realization, is not a reason to despair. Likewise, you can’t jump to that level immediately or even talk about its woes and intricacies before knowing whether such a conversation is possible. So don’t complain about a lack of connection; you can always find one. Meet where you are, grow love here, see if you can ascend together to the next level.

Oh the glory of belly laughs and good stories! Oh to give and receive with an open heart! Dance along the ocean’s edge, and I’ll see you there. Stay groovy with Libra Yoga. To ascertain your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I love my brothers and sisters


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