First Quarter Moon in Leo ☽ May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2 at 10.48pm EST

The Sun in Taurus squares the moon in Leo. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons are provocative as they prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

Ancient Egypt’s Sekhmet, goddess of fire, war and healing, is a powerful symbol of leonine energy in female form. She is also associated with Hathor, a goddess linked to Taurus. With human body and lioness head, Sekhmet is depicted either naked or robed in red, often with rosettas circling her breasts. Festivals dedicated to Sekhmet were massive and boisterous. Humans drank wine to appease the lioness goddess, to calm her bloodlust, to soothe the hot winds of the desert she rules.

In actuality, Leo’s origin story comes from the Nemean lion of ancient Greek mythology. The lion’s fur was impenetrable, impervious to sword and spear. Neither the most skilled warriors nor elemental energies could pierce the lion’s hide. Only the lion’s own claws could accomplish this. This is a helpful metaphor to keep in mind when considering Leo, as Leo is all about self-love and will power. We must keep our guard up and imagine a protective bubble over our skin and around our bodies, not just in moments of battle, but at all times. And just as the lion’s claws may hurt him alone, only we may injure ourselves. In other words: you are your only opponent.

When the moon dances in Leo everyone is playful and childlike – perhaps slipping into sarcasm and judgment, a little aggression and heat in the body, but hey, it’s all good.

There is fatefulness in this planetary tenor. When Taurus and Leo combine forces, we make decisions with serious staying power, decisions which influence the course of our entire life. Taurus is the cosmic strongwoman of the zodiac, and Leo her radiant prince, bounding after leisure. Lean in to these guides. Together they instill confidence and bring us to a bountiful reality. Though we may admonish our dreams as infeasible, it is important to act on them. No risk left unexplored. Don’t be safe. Don’t abandon passion at this juncture. Following passion is what we want and need. Chase what excites you most. Build upon the gleaming bricks of your golden foundation.

Our roots and desires are not secrets, we know how to nurture them. Stop building flimsy dams and let your soul-water flow where it must. Give up on this great game of pretend, break the mantle you’ve wound so tightly around you. Slip into ecstasy and never come back.

Whether you make it or let it happen, something’s coming. This is the beautiful breaking apart, the end of an incurable poisoning, dank and heavy and long. We are more than ready – anxious – to close the door and walk with wonder through a new archway. Settle into this new reality, bed down with the bull and the lion in their quiet, fire-lit cave, so warm and familiar.

In seeking the best life possible, we learn to recognize true quality. Taurus and Leo are sure-footed guides who do not lead us astray. It takes incredible courage to live completely in the present moment, detached from all fear. Wait no longer. You’ll know when all is right because it’s easy and joyful – and when it’s not, don’t be afraid! Change is your friend! It’s time to celebrate, to share gratitude and excitement. Don’t be shy, proudly express your happiness and surround yourself with those doing the same. A brilliant future is rising rapidly, shimmering just below the tree-line…

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Mantra:  will power


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