First Quarter Moon in Gemini ☽ Feb 23, 2018

Friday, Feb 23 at 12.09am PST

The Sun in Pisces squares the moon in Gemini. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

The purpose of this quarter moon is synchronization of waking life and mental activity (Gemini) with our divine nature and highest spiritual beliefs (Pisces). Pisces is an abstract mural, swirling and swelling kaleidoscopically. She is soft and amorphous, dispersed at the lightest touch. Gemini is a left-brained locutionary wizard. He helps us parcel out and make sense of life. The best way to channel Gemini is by writing everything down. That, and meditation. Still the mind. Be one with the mind.

Gemini and Pisces both know what it feels like to be absolutely obliterated, oblivious, washed out to sea. They know the twisted bliss of insanity, addiction and fantasy. And that, my friends, is why it is so important to stay tuned in. When these mutable constellations get together, the mind and spirit race like flying fish through the clouds.

With the moon in Gemini, our first inclination may be to over-analyze and over-logic. Thank goddess for Pisces, tugging us back, back to our watery birthplace, the home within where flowers never crumple. Let’s balance left-brain antics with psychedelic rambling. Pisces reminds Gemini how to meditate. Flow upstream to the wordless origins of ajna – insight – creativity.

Castor and Pollux of Greek and Roman mythology are the twins for whom Gemini is named. In one myth, titled “Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus,” Castor and Pollux abduct, rape and impregnate two sisters engaged to the twins’ cousins. I do not mean to upset anyone, and do not believe that this myth represents Gemini in any way. Let’s find or create a better origin story for Gemini. We are too glorious for this antiquated bullshit. Let us honor Gemini, patron of free flyers, wind spirits, seekers, luminaries and long-legged gypsies. Other twins in the mytheme realm include: the Vedic Ashvins; Hinduism’s Nara and Narayana; Romulus and Remus of Italy; the Mayan Xbalanque and Hunahpu; and Ibeji of Yorubaland, originating in present-day Nigeria. So we’ve got plenty of options :)

Twin mythemes share some core commonalities. In the mythological realm, twins are often depicted as sons of Dyeus, a cross-cultural pantheistic deity of the daylight sky; brothers of Hausos, the “Sun Maiden,” or the goddess of dawn, springtime and the new year; and also possessing magic healing powers. In addition, they are associated with swans; dancing; cities; and upholding spoken promises. Mythic twins are usually male, often sharing one mother but different fathers. Often one twin is immortal, the other human. This last element is of particular note because the Gemini archetype struggles to integrate himself. Despite his best intentions, a disparateness persists. In his spirit, a certain dissatisfaction, an unanswerable rhetoric, seemingly unassuageable and ever-present.

On Feb 24, the moon moves to Cancer, hanging here until Feb 26. Then she’s in Leo until Feb 28. On the evening of the 28th, we will all start to feel the power of the full moon. It’s going to be a great one, by the way. Feb 25 and Feb 28 may be somewhat difficult days, but everything else looks peachy. This quarter moon often results in exhaustion. Gemini is like an arcade; a mammoth, blaring turbine of stimuli. Levitate with Gemini Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  stillness in motion


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