First Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☽ Sep 27, 2017

Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7.55pm EST

The Sun in Libra squares the moon in Capricorn. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

This moon phase is a continuation of our collective endeavor to heal the feminine. Yang infuses yin with rehabilitative tonics, introducing a novel archetype that is not aggressive or traumatizing, but gentle and understanding. Peace is coming. Fear ebbs, equanimity waxes. When we stand in our worth, ancient mind-chains disintegrate. Revel in forgiveness. Inhale atonement, inhale reconciliation. Lay down your sword. The end of a redemption song begun long long ago gathers us to wholeness.

Oh how we’ve reeled, dropped and clawed, eyes rolling back. We make the same mistakes. But see the golden thread – you needed to be THERE to be HERE so BE HERE NOW.

Capricorn is a lover conditioned by work. Libra his Shakti, radiating experiential wisdom, smiling because she knows intimately every interpersonal trial and tribulation there is. Capricorn is stubborn, sometimes self-absorbed, but not an enemy.

Though Capricorn’s character is chronically misunderstood, his connection to work remains unquestioned. He is, first and foremost, an architect of life. Capricorn is the agent of structure who introduces new work into our life in order to teach us something about work – at this quarter moon, dancing with the Sun in Libra, that something concerns the people with whom we work. That something is about communication, and living together, and living well together. It is a magnifying glass on community and what it means to be in one, how to create one without friction. It is a cold, hard look at our communal successes and failures, and yet it is wreathed in earthen prosperity and abundance. There is wealth, mostly material, and it is proof of our efforts. There are fields waiting to be harvested, and a deep sense of satisfaction emanates from the land, from the proprietors and all the weathered hands which lovingly pluck the stalks and buds.

You may find yourself living and working with other people at this quarter moon, maybe out in the woods, maybe in a house in the city, maybe just for one day on a collaborative project. And you’re bound to find yourself wrapped in some interpersonal conflict. You may be suddenly appointed mediator of an argument. You may be forced to decide what is right and wrong. Life here is like a courtroom, like a strange theater production where karmic seeds pass from lip to lip.

Really you’ve been here before – this conflict is nothing new and yes, it’s happening again. The same archetype looms into view with the same old tricks. Is it your chauvinist boss, refusing to make eye contact, ignoring women in every social setting, talking gruffly to the bros? Is it that snarling voice saying how shitty you are and how you don’t deserve to be happy? Is it that fiery neighbor smoking from the nose?

There are a lot of personas which are not working for me or for anyone anymore. There’s a lot of bullshit, a lot of talking down, manipulating and berating. My best advice is to immediately leave a project or place if one of these antiquated Capricorn archetypes appears. In truth we should meet in a very different place, an androgynous one where the spectrum is orgiastic, not polarized and bloody. I have seen how it can be, and if your reality is crumbling, move on now sister. We’re still in the process of creating the ideal environment, so I’m not saying it exists now. But there are rare lightbeings wandering these hillsides who will shelter you from hatred and greed. They are the mossy folk with virescent eyes. Follow them, clasp hands beneath the starry tree. Leaves fall silently all around.

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Mantra:  I work, I love


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