First Quarter Moon in Cancer ☽ Apr 3, 2017

Monday, Apr 3 at 2.40pm EST

The Sun in Aries squares the moon in Cancer. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons are provocative as they prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

The purpose of this quarter moon is emotional expression (Cancer) concerning plans of an active nature (Aries). This square is between what we do and what we feel. From Aries we learn to be fearless, and from Cancer the importance of compassion. Cancer is our mother, and Aries her firstborn son. Aries emboldens through moving, breathing, doing, dancing. The quarter moon in Cancer courageously infuses this fire with loving-kindness and the power of sensitivity.

Only you know if the efforts of turbulent hearts truly succeed or whether they are just crude attempts at real humility and understanding. Cancer rejects inhibition and inconsiderate behavior. If someone is asking you to believe in their message, think twice. This could be anything, although it likely concerns important commitments since we are in a primordial period where thoughts and actions have serious staying power. Too often we fear offending others, but it is always better to do what makes us happy, even if this means upsetting another.

Aries is a creature of fire – reckless and temperamental one moment, spirited and excitable the next. He has a way of shutting Cancer down, transforming her with just a few flippant words from an empowered goddess to a vulnerable child. But even crabs can climb mountains, and if you have something to say, then go ahead and say it. See Cancer as your ally. Confining Cancer to the image of a helpless female means fastening ourselves to a vivid lie of what it means to be feminine. Allow the crab to reveal herself as a bright compass.

Cancer’s origin myth is pretty weak, which, in keeping with this outdated image of femininity, really needs revamping. The story is that Cancer the crab, known in ancient Greece as Karkinos, was sent to distract Hercules while he was in battle. Hercules simply smashed the crab with his foot and kept fighting, end of story.

Accepting such stories normalizes female oppression. We are too beautiful for that. Let us honor Cancer, patron of crystal children, intuits, mystics, mermaids and water-loving light-workers. New version: Karkinos swam stealthily toward Hercules undetected, then leapt out of the water and clung to his nether regions with enough force to make him pay attention. As he yelped and demanded her release, the crab began to calmly lecture the young warrior on the virtues of peace and non-violence, or ahimsa as it is known in yoga. She extolled the values of cooperation and communication as first steps, and spoke of violence as a last resort practiced only by the unintelligent and those of weak character.

We all have different responsibilities depending on our natural disposition. If you’re more of a watery, emotional type, stand up for yourself, listen to your heart. If you follow the beat of something that you are not totally sure about, this will end in frustration, and this is not the fault of others. Fiery, active humans – slow down. If you charge ahead blindly with your own agenda, you will undoubtedly encounter obstacles, and this is also not the fault of others.

Quarter moons are challenging because they ask us to disengage from aspects of life to which we’ve become especially attached. Dear friends, you’ll know when all is good and right because it’s easy and joyful – and when it’s not, don’t be afraid! A fateful mood soaks the sky. Fortify your energetic walls and hold your head high. Sieve through the disingenuous. Luna’s waning light represents descent into darkness: a return to the womb. Surrender and forgive! Destroy useless internal edifices! Rear your horns and ascend! Cancer is ruled by the moon, so she is “at home” for this phase, as we say. Planets at home are auspicious. However, the moon in Cancer intensifies our susceptibility to lunar energy, so expect to feel more emotional than usual.

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Mantra:  I value my intuition


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