First Quarter Moon in Aries ☽ Jan 5, 2017

Thursday, Jan 5 at 2.47pm EST

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The Sun in Capricorn squares the moon in Aries. The moon will rise at noon in the north, peak at dusk and set at midnight in the south. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. According to CafeAstrology, quarter phases represent a “crisis of consciousness.”

All astrological events in Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, signal rebirth. The First Quarter in Aries is one of empowerment. It’s January, but we’re nearing the end of the astrological year, and it’s been difficult. This transit whispers of the next cosmological cycle beginning in spring. The First Quarter in Aries is definitive action (Aries) overlaying complete restructuring on an emotional and psychological level (Capricorn).

The New Moon in Capricorn sets the scene for Aries. New moons clear the slate, make room, open the Way. Then, at the first quarter, we take a step. In this case, that first step is toward SELF LOVE. Aries represents the relationship to the Self. Yeah baby it’s all about YOU.

Lovely moongliders, abandon negative manifestations of yang. This could be a an oppressive male partner or unhealthy relationship to work or father. This could be your own ideas about such aspects of life. Destroy that which reinforces rigidity.

Capricorn lives in the bones and Aries in the muscles. Capricorn, like our skeleton, is sturdy, nearly impossible to change. Aries, full of blood and muscle, begs for our commitment. Through him we sprout and strengthen. Think back to the last time you really exercised, breath heaving, muscles raging. In these moments a singular scream strangles the mind: I AM I AM I AM. Physical energy peaks with our resolve.

Aries is a naturally inspiring figure, but we should not forget that he is pure fire. Any square involving fire lends the possibility for explosive anger. I want to emphasize that people are very easily irritated when the moon is in Aries, and no one is immune. Think hard before speaking and acting. Ask yourself, for example: should I drink that much? Should I really try the splits without warming up? Should I drive that fast? Such considerations are especially important because we are still riding through Mercury Retrograde. It’s best to stay sober, but this doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. A steep hike is perfect, and/or…

Wear red, put on your favorite music and fucking dance. Stamp the floor, feel a rose spiral and bloom from the base of your spine, the spice of life, ingredient of fire, raw, sharp, iron on your tongue. THIS IS IT. Sweat it out babe.

Aries is our best teacher. Yes, he is an impulsive beast who doesn’t reflect much, but now that we are throughly entrenched in wintry, heavy-handed Capricorn, I say: follow that hot-blooded newborn up the mountain.

May this phase be bright and inspiring! Celebrate the moon with Aries Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I AM


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