First Quarter Moon in Aquarius ☽ Oct 27, 2017

Friday, Oct 27 at 3.23pm EST

The Sun in Scorpio squares the moon in Aquarius. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

At quarter moons I always mention the possibility of emotional turbulence. This is even more prescient since we’re in the Scorpio season – she’s the queen of volatility!

Scorpio is the water bearer’s predecessor, wrought from the soul’s gut. Scorpio whispers in the night: do you remember? Do you remember the womb, the tomb? This is where I live. And so it is. It’s time now for blinding blackness, the force of life Herself. Creature of infinite water, return with great haste from whence you came. Consumed by your own power, obliterated, scatter to the stars and be reborn. At the edge of all edges, feel everything.

Scorpio is a devilish vixen. She likes to drag out old stuff. She digs her pincers into wounds which have just begun to heal. When we are revisited by work we thought we had already completed, by the same damn problems, demons we thought we had already banished come prancing back, ghoulish grins aglow, and a powerful emotion courses through our veins. In despair we cry to the sky for help…but the spiritually conscious know the truth about pain: it is a teacher; it is inevitable; it IS. Pain extracts other pain from the fabric of humanity. In this way, pain is cathartic.

Aquarius acts on intellectual and creative impulses. He is a traveler, a daredevil, infectiously curious. Rather than distract us with deeply rooted pains from the past, he turns our head in the direction of excitement. No astrologer would describe his cousin Scorpio as such. Meetings between the two usually end in a brawl, and it’s hard to say who’s winning right now – has Aquarius failed to wrangle the world from Scorpio’s grip? Do not be mistaken, Scorpio is a fighter and force of vengeance.

There are a few things worth mentioning about Aquarius. He is often late or lazy. He frequently feels superior to his circumstances or present company. He talks, endlessly. He is brutally direct and honest. But the water bearer is also fearless, to the point of being un-shockable. He does whatever he pleases, and thus has extraordinary powers of manifestation. Aquarius says: I want to know. And: why not?

Aquarius rules the shins, calves and Achilles in the body. Aquarius Yoga definitely engages these muscle groups, but really this yoga practice is about inversions. When the body is inverted, with the feet above the heart and head, the body is then a bridge, representing the ascension from one level of consciousness to the next. To see your feet in the air above you is revolutionary. It defies normalcy. It reminds us that at any moment, reality may be inverted, subverted, transgressed. There are no rules, there are no limitations.

The magic of Aquarius is in MOVEMENT and ADVENTURE. Go backpacking, get away from the world. Let the winds of Aquarius fill your lungs and mind, fresh and electric. If possible, make a beeline to water: the ocean, some hot springs, a natural pool, whatever you got. I also recommend wearing white or blue tones. Circulate with Aquarius Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  OM

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