Jupiter Return


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I mentioned in my post on Jupiter’s transit to Leo that my Jupiter sign is Leo. If you were born between August 18, 1990 and September 12, 1991 then your Jupiter sign is also Leo and you are currently experiencing a Jupiter Return! Check out this chart to see what sign Jupiter occupied on your day of birth.

Jupiter spins back into our natal sign approximately once every 12 years. If you were born with Jupiter in Aquarius, for example, every time Jupiter returns to Aquarius this is known as a Jupiter Return. What happens during this year?

Jupiter’s role in our life is one of expansion through learning and higher understanding. With each Jupiter Return, we continue to build and improve upon the foundations of our inner wisdom; we are then better able to accomplish our spirit’s purpose in this incarnation. Your Jupiter Return will inevitably direct your attention toward issues of trust, faith, risk-taking and learning not to undervalue yourself. This year is the one most likely to bring you prizes, grants or your first publishing gig. Also in the cards are increased travel and opportunities for higher studies.

The first Return occurs around the age of 12, coinciding with the transition into adolescence and puberty. We all remember the intensity of this liminal period! The second Return, around age 24, is a time when many humans are finishing school and beginning to definitively carve out their place in society. It is no coincidence that I launched my website and business at the very beginning of my second Jupiter Return!

The Return is usually an incredibly fortuitous year: more synchronicity, a feeling of abundance, greater connection to the spirit. You may suddenly regain a deep sense of meaning or the impression of being supported unconditionally by the Universe. The Jupiter Return is the ultimate time to begin following your intuition if you aren’t already. Whenever we do something that is not aligned with our passions, we are not “at home,” so to speak. If you are not being your natural self and acting on your highest excitement, then how can the right things find you? In resisting the heart’s impulses, we resist the infinite plenitude of the Universe. The more that you surrender to the flow in the year of your Jupiter Return, the more you can expect people, things and events to begin intersecting in a seemingly mysterious way, as though the entire Universe is conspiring to aid you in accomplishing your soul’s calling.

Jupiter encourages us above all to actively participate in making our luck. Do not just look for opportunities, create them! Be clear and assertive, speak up! Direct your intention towards what you want most and your efforts will be rewarded. When you align with what you are meant to be doing, you maximize Jupiter’s expansive energy and come to understand the meaning of Walt Whitman’s words in Song of the Open Road:

I am larger, better than I thought,

I did not know I held so much goodness.

I am also reminded of the third yogic yama (“restraints” or ethical principles as described in the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali): asteya, or non-stealing. Asteya not only means that we keep our hands off what doesn’t belong to us, but also that we must not falsely delude ourselves into believing that the Universe will not provide for us. That is to say, the idea of scarcity, the idea that there does not exist an infinite abundance and plenitude for all beings, is incorrect. We are, have been and will always be unconditionally supported by the Oneness that flows through us and around us.

One more, from Amy Herring’s take on Jupiter Return:

Jupiter asks you, “When are you going to start walking this path instead of being wistful about what might have been?” … If you decide not to take these opportunities or not to see them at all, usually nothing obviously horrible happens. The doors close. The Universe puts its hands back in its pockets. In fact, nothing usually happens at all if you ignore potential. But isn’t that a pretty big tragedy in itself?


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