• organic natural materials clothing, underwear & reusable menstrual products (cotton, wool, hemp, etc – avoid polyester, rayon and all synthetic clothing)

• organic cleaning products & building materials

• organic gardening/farming

• purified water & fresh air

• acupuncture/acupressure, craniosacral therapy, massage, reflexology, Reiki/energy healing

• suggested morning routine: oil pulling (with coconut or sesame oil), neti pot, meditation & yoga

• daily dance/exercise

• daily hot bath with essential oils + Sitz baths*

• daily body brushing with natural fiber brush*

• intermittent fasting

From “Herbal Medicine, From the Heart of the Earth” by Sharol Tilgner, ND:

Methods to support a healthy female reproductive tract include: Yoga postures or exercises such as Kegel that tone the pelvic area and increase circulation; Breast massage, pelvic massage; An active, joyful sex life; Sitz baths; Eat whole, fresh biodynamic/organic foods; Consume nettle greens, dandelion, burdock, chickweed and seaweed; Identify and eliminate food allergens

Avoid: Sitting on cold floors and hot radiators; Swimming in chlorinated pools; Commercial vaginal douches and sprays containing perfumes and dyes; Soaps that contain perfumes, dyes; Vaginal intercourse after anal intercourse; Sexual partner with dirty fingers

Adjunct therapy (for cyst, fibroid & endometriosis):

• Castor oil packs:

Over the liver and over affected area for acute pain.

You can use heat with the pack if there is no inflammation.

• Increase circulation to the pelvis with alternating sitz baths or hot and cold sprays to the ovaries or fibrocystic breasts.

• Flax seeds for omega 6 fatty acids

• Breathing exercises and yoga postures to increase circulation to the chest

• Astringent suppositories for ovarian cysts

• Antioxidants

• B-complex

• Eliminate methylxanthines from the diet (coffee, chocolate)”


• all non-organic food (including all hormones, additives or grain-fed meat)

• all frozen/canned food

• all plastic and all food/water that has touched plastic (contains xenoestrogens) – store food in glass/metal containers or beeswax wrap

• all non-organic hair/makeup/nail/body products (no chlorine, dioxins, parabens or phthalates)

• all non-organic pesticides/herbicides/fungicides/heavy metals/toxins etc

• alcohol, cigarettes and e-cigarettes

• anti-depressants

• birth control pills

• carbonated drinks (beer, kombucha, soda, etc)

• coffee

• fried food

• NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) – use Tylenol/acetaminophen or white willow