Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☾ Feb 7, 2018

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 7.55am PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

From “The Prophet” by Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran:

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain … When you are sorrowful … you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow,’ and others say, ‘Nay, sorrow is the greater.’ But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits, alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

The scorpion moon squares the Sun in Aquarius. Quarter moons are turbulent, full of conflict. This is especially prescient with Scorpio, volatile queen of the underworld.

Water bearer Aquarius acts on intellectual and creative impulses. He is a traveler, an explorer, and infectiously curious. He dares not distract us with pains from the past, but turns our head toward exciting futures. Aquarius is fearless, to the point of being un-shockable. He does whatever he pleases, and thus has extraordinary powers of manifestation. Aquarius asks: why not? He reminds us that, at any moment, reality may be inverted, subverted, transgressed. There are no rules, no limitations. Brother and sisters, it is time to ascend, revolt, defy!!

Scorpio, on the other hand, is a devilish vixen, a vengeful fighter. Consider the world, writhing in Scorpio’s grip. The Greek myth of Scorpius goes like this: Orion the hunter threatened to kill every animal on Earth. This displeased Gaia, so she sent an enormous cosmic scorpion to attack Orion. Try though he might, Orion failed to defeat the scorpion and his murderous plans were foiled. The reason that Scorpius and Orion lie at opposite ends of the sky is so that when one rises, the other descends below the horizon, effectively precluding further conflict.

Scorpio digs her pincers into ancient wounds. When we are revisited by the same old work – demons prancing back, ghoulish grins aglow – a powerful emotion courses through our veins. In despair we cry to the sky for help. But remember that pain is a teacher; it is inevitable; it IS.

Scorpio is the water bearer’s predecessor, wrought from the soul’s gut. Scorpio whispers in the night: do you remember the womb, the tomb? This is where I live. And so it is. Creature of infinite water, return with great haste from whence you came. Consumed by your own power, obliterated, scatter to the stars and be reborn. At the edge of all edges, feel everything.

This moon phase marked the inauguration of F*ckface last year. It also marked the day that millions of women poured into the streets in record-breaking marches around the globe. And here’s the good news everyone: this year, Luna will be conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. So far Jupiter in Scorpio has been nothing but cathartic and deeply satisfying, especially for women and survivors of sexual abuse. Jupiter will help smooth over the natural sharpness of this phase.

Scorpio is the chrysalis weaver. Without Scorpio, we would never transform, but rather mire in hate, in base emotions, in ego, in toxic control dynamics. Scorpio says, look at your shit, acknowledge your shit, do your work, kill off the bad shit, and then, in the blackest black of deadest night, our wings suddenly begin to sprout. Scorpio is the hag, gurgling prophecies from the muddy root of the root of the root. She is more powerful than anyone in the zodiac. She takes us in, no matter how we arrive, and gently rocks us to sleep. She kisses our scars with poison lips until everything falls away. She has seen everything, knows everything, loves everyone. Let go, brothers and sisters. Oh how we make the same mistakes! But we needed to be THERE to be HERE so BE HERE NOW. Forgive yourself! YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

The antidote to scorpion madness is MOVEMENT and ADVENTURE. Go backpacking, get away from the world. Let the winds of Aquarius fill your lungs and mind, fresh and electric. If possible, get in some water, whether that is a lake, ocean, sulfur springs, natural pool or a good old hot bath. Practice slow, sustained postures, low to the ground. In meditation focus on the sacral and root chakra. Drink plenty of water to honor Scorpio’s element. Stay away from black clothing, as this may enhance the rage or manipulative qualities of the scorpion – choose white instead. Conquer your fears with Scorpio Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I surrender

Mercury in Aquarius ☿ Jan 31 – Feb 18

Jan 31 – Feb 18, 2018

Mercury transits are not necessarily high impact on their own; it is Mercury’s interaction with the sun and Venus which are important, or the context within which Mercury operates. Mercury is a mental support beam for the sun and Venus. When he is not synced – when he is drifting through another constellation – the given solar cycle is less synergistic. But during the period in which Mercury joins the sun and/or Venus in a given constellation, the mind is aligned with forces of outward manifestation (the sun) and the heart (Venus).

In light of this relationship between the inner planets, the most powerful time during the upcoming Aquarius solar cycle will be when Mercury and Venus are also in Aquarius (Jan 31 – Feb 10).

Aquarius is a gale-force wind eager to upend the status quo. He is progressive, radical, pushing the boundaries of reality and social acceptability. It is time to FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS, spark the revolution, share ancient wisdom, scream truth to power. Feel Aquarius’ amaranthine passion for social justice coursing through your veins.

Aquarius embodies some powerful paradoxes. He is a diehard rationalist and volatile risk-taker with a spiritual heart. He is remarkably tolerant and open-minded, yet ridiculously headstrong, despising all manner of disrespect. He is scientific, analytical and inventive, yet impatient and often judgmental.

The water bearer is an avid social butterfly. He is fun, chatty, full of ideas and eager to share his unique prophecies. Now is the time to draw upon your social circle and dream up some ambitious future plans. Break out of old patterns, environments or relationships which have become too emotionally charged. We can make change now while remaining comfortably detached, unconcerned with how or when things will happen.

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. None of these animals remind me of Aquarius, and I can hear his infectious laughter when I say this. To be immune to categorization is exactly what tickles Aquarius the most. In Native American astrology, Aquarius is associated with the otter, the quaking aspen and the precious metal silver. If you are feeling stuck, meditate on the playful otter. Meditate on the sheen of aspen leaves, hear them rustle in the winter wind. See quicksilver clouds racing at light speed across the skyscape. Go out beneath the diamond star dome, let Gaia’s frigid air fill your lungs. There is something undeniably magical and exciting about Aquarius.

Every constellation is a preparation for the next. Aquarian lessons prepare us for Pisces. The water bearer’s electric winds create empty space for the bottomless ocean of fishes. I suggest incorporating some technology into your future-making. For example, you might start a blog or get behind a camera. Soon left brain intellect will give way to a magnificent, nebulous swirl of right brain spirituality and creation.

Ok here’s the day we need to be most careful: Feb 13. On this day, Mercury will square Jupiter in Scorpio. Squares are difficult angles, suggesting conflict. This is especially true when we’re talking about a square with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. This is NOT a good day to travel, invest or hold important conversations. Treat this day as you would Mercury Retrograde. Some dates to watch with the moon and Mercury: on Jan 30, the day before Mercury enters Aquarius, the moon and Mercury are in opposition – also not a good day for important or heartfelt conversations. Feb 3-5 are excellent days for such conversations, or any kind of social event. When the moon is in Scorpio from Feb 6-7, we should once again be very careful with how and when we communicate our hearts. On Feb 15, the moon and Mercury will conjoin at the same degree – should be an excellent day. To speak is to be free. Try physically warming your body and throat chakra before holding important conversations.

As always, take deep breaths, meditate every morning and speak your truth slowly. Focus on the third eye and crown chakra. Wear blue, white and metallic tones/gems. Give special attention to your calves and Achilles. Invert your body with Aquarius Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Aquarius, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I know

Super Blue Lunar Eclipse in Leo 🔥 Jan 31, 2018

Art: “The Nemean Lion” by John Martineau

Wednesday, Jan 31 at 5:30am PST

This full moon is a blue moon, supermoon and total lunar eclipse – holy shit! (Blue moon means two full moons in one calendar month – this one is extra cool because it’s the first time in 150 years that the blue moon is a total lunar eclipse. It is also the third supermoon in a row. A supermoon can be a full moon or new moon, occurring when the moon is at perigee or within 90% of perigee [the point at which the moon is nearest to the earth in her monthly orbit]. The supermoon on Jan 1 was the closest full moon of 2018.) The internet is calling this a “super blue blood moon”…badass. It is also known as the Full Snow Moon. On full moons, Luna rises at sunset, peaks at midnight and sets at sunrise. When the sun goes down, this is our cue to head outside and gaze profoundly at the moon as she rises majestically beyond the horizon.

In your mind, see the earth sandwiched between the moon and the sun; this is the planetary configuration at each month’s full moon. ( has incredibly helpful astronomical information – check it out for more details on where and when you can see this eclipse, as well as the difference between solar, lunar, “partial” and “full” eclipses). Draw an imaginary line from the center of the earth beyond the sun, and directly “behind” the sun we find the constellation of Aquarius. Draw a line through the moon, and we find Leo the lion. Whenever the earth hangs between two planets – be they sun, moon or any of the other planets – we have an astronomical/astrological “opposition.” Every opposition naturally occurs in constellations which lie directly opposite one another. Oppositions are polar, dual. The supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo is an examination of the Leo-Aquarius polarity, and all the ways in which these archetypes both complement and antagonize one another.

Leo emanates from the heart chakra and rules identity and self-expression. At worst, Leo is proud, forceful, blinded by ego. Leo is pure fire – think melodrama, unchecked passion and reactivity. The lion has trouble venturing beyond the confines of himself. He’s got ego issues because this is precisely how he creates and maintains reality: from the inside out, radiating from the center of his heart. Though he would never admit it, Aquarius, too, is a passionate preacher, especially when it comes to social justice, and thoroughly convinced that his visions will single-handedly revolutionize the world. The truth is that they are equally self-assured and hellishly obstinate. Indeed, the insalubrious Aquarian is no different from Leo. If he feels that his freedom is threatened, Aquarius is merciless, hallmark altruism rapidly replaced by dark shades of anger disguised as logic/objectivity/intellectualization.

Here’s where I stop and clear something up: Leo teaches that once we love ourselves and appreciate who we are, then we have endless fuel to love other people and practice unprecedented generosity. That’s really what Leo is about, or what the archetype aims to teach us. Together, Leo and Aquarius are agents of self-empowerment. If we consider that Leo is the first step, and Aquarius the final destination, the journey to self-love – the opening of the heart chakra inward – is prerequisite entrance to the Aquarian domain. Opening the heart chakra inward is deep work, often painful. It ends, however, in colossal celebration and orgiastic liberation. Judging by the difficulty of those first leonine steps, you’d never guess this to be the case, but it is!

What is the Aquarian domain, where are we going? Aquarius is our beloved rebel and nonconformist. He takes individual consciousness and weaves it upon the great cosmic loom. Threaded and pressed, our own color fades blissfully into the rainbow. Aquarius is synonymous with change and freedom.

Leo-Aquarius junctures are a unique marriage of the right and left brain. A dose of Aquarian rationale suffuses Leo’s heart, propelling us on journeys otherwise impossible. At this eclipse we draw clear boundaries between me and we. These are meant to be helpful, healthy boundaries, not self-isolating or exclusive. In drawing these boundaries, we free ourselves from people who have held us captive psychologically or emotionally. Aquarius evaporates these binds and bonds and tethers with a wink of his magic turquoise eyes.

Yes, we may seriously struggle to understand other people and judge them harshly due to the influence of fixed energy. Leo and Aquarius always need to be right. They not so quietly believe that only their knowledge/methods/prescriptions behoove the greater good. But if we can get over that, move beyond it, we bite into the juicy berry of self-love and self-expression, then roar up to the stars with newfound freedom in the heart.

The earth’s shadow consists of two parts. The shadow cast directly behind the earth is known as the umbra, and the fainter, fan-like shadow surrounding the umbra is called the penumbra. At penumbral eclipses, the moon often looks just as she always does – in other words, no dramatic, visible change in appearance during the eclipse. Penumbral eclipses are considered “partial,” while umbral eclipses provide a more classic eclipse experience, with the moon turning deep crimson. It is only at this time, when the moon falls behind the umbra, that an eclipse is considered “full.” Lucky for us, we get the real deal baby, total umbral eclipse.

Full moons are felt not just the day of, but for 2-3 days before and after. They heighten emotional and intuitive energy, such as women experience right before menstruation. All of this is greatly exacerbated by the fact that this is a supermoon, and perhaps it goes without saying that the Supermoon + Lunar Eclipse combo packs a serious punch. In the week following the eclipse, momentum gathers. Eclipses are potent seeds that unfold as the days pass. Take action on the eclipse, then wait for the full effects of your decision to manifest later in the week. Meditate on the solar eclipse from August 2017 to understand what we are facing now. Inculcation bursts in a tongue of starlight, and the lion stretches with self-satisfaction. Be fierce as fuck with Leo Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I express myself

Mars in Sagittarius ♂ Jan 26 – Mar 17

Jan 26 – Mar 17, 2018

Mars is a force of life and action: warrior of the stars, fire coursing through his veins. Normally he rules Aries, the first constellation in the zodiac, so Mars feels right at home in fellow fire sign Sagittarius. With Mars in Sagittarius, the pace of life spirals into insanity. Prepare for a serious dose of libido and restlessness.

Mars in Sagittarius feels like “now what?” after Mars’ powerful transit in Scorpio. In Sagittarius, we make sense of the extreme bodily and spiritual changes rendered by the scorpion.

Sagittarius is spontaneous, open-hearted, thirsty for experience and adventure. Mars in Sagittarius brings joyful, kinetic energy to our bodies. Despite this inundation of dynamic celestial energy, we must move with caution lest we fall victim to the centaur’s infamous carelessness. Mars, when cruising through a fire sign, does not move slowly, ever. So be vigilant; we are in a period of massive shift and if we act too quickly, we may become easily locked into karmic whirlpools that drag on for years. Take your time! There’s no need to rush!

Mars in Sagittarius breathes life into our soul-need to learn and connect. He emanates from the crown chakra, encouraging spiritual and experiential expansion. Mars in Sagittarius brings Truth to the fore, so before we may enjoy his effervescent reality, the archer teaches us responsibility and discipline. You can ditch half-baked shortcuts and still be daring!

It is so easy to get carried away during this transit. Ask the important questions, the right questions. Do your research and, for the love of Buddha, listen to your body. I know moving slowly is the last thing we feel like doing under fiery skies. However, if we don’t take our time, we will miss crucial details.

On Feb 17 Mars squares Neptune, the planet of confusion. This is not a fortuitous day. When Neptune is aspected negatively, life feels vague, nebulous, like a dream. Our efforts may be significantly thwarted by Neptunian influences such as deceit, delusion or any manner of strange, subterranean forces. It will be very difficult to know what’s what, to separate imagination from reality. Here the head is decidedly cloudy, inner voices muffled.

This is not a good day to try something just to “see if it works,” especially if your intuition is screaming underwater, buried beneath glittering hopes and fantasies. It is also highly likely, whenever Neptune is involved, that regressive, addictive behaviors resurface. We may act recklessly or impulsively as the spirit searches hungrily for a quick remedy, a remedy for Neptune’s mighty, incurable restlessness tugging at the seat of the soul. Remember that we only deceive ourselves with deceptive behavior. On the bright side, we may confront lurking issues in the subconscious. This could manifest as an explosive confrontation with someone who has been taking advantage of you, for example, but retaliation will more likely be passive aggressive here. If you are caught in a lie, or catch someone else lying, do the hard work: move through blame and excuses and distrust. Swallow your guilt; speak your Truth; be accountable.

It is also important to stay organized and complete all tasks to the best of your ability. Neptune will try to throw you off track with sudden mood swings, boredom, apathy or fatigue. Meditate on self-control. Channel your restlessness into creative acts. Ready or not, this aspect rips off your blinders. Then you can see things for what they are; chase only what is available; let die what must die. Negative outcomes include settling for something we don’t want; internalizing strong feelings; disappointment; broken dreams; incorrect assumptions. Antidotes include: swimming, singing, dancing, writing, meditation, long walks, silence, solitude.

Other difficult days in February include the 25th and 28th, though the 25th should feel relatively resolved by the end. The last day worth mentioning is March 11 when Mars will trine Uranus, god of the unexpected – WATCH OUT! Could be auspicious or not, we’ll see. I do not recommend traveling, investing or any risk-taking on this day.

Idealism is Sagittarius’ main power source. Like a new star blooming in the night sky, like a rocket with an uncertain destination, like a rainbow comet blazing in the darkness: you are incandescently free. Open your hips with Sagittarius Yoga. If you were born with Mars in Sagittarius, this is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am open

First Quarter Moon in Taurus ☽ Jan 24, 2018

Wednesday, Jan 24 at 2.20pm PST

The Sun in Aquarius squares the moon in Taurus. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

The first quarter in Taurus brings grounding and precious stability amidst whirlwind traveling within/without. Taurus lives slowly, and with real richness. From Taurus we learn the art of comfort; from Aquarius, radical living. Taurus is an incredible hostess. This moon phase is all about good company, good food, fine aesthetics — whatever makes you feel at home.

We find the bull woven into ancient cultural fabric all around the planet in art, worship and mythology. There are books written on this subject, some of which directly link the ubiquitous worship of the bull to the Pleiades constellation, contained within the constellation of Taurus. These accounts posit that Pleiadians are hardly myth. Such accounts describe an extra-terrestrial civilization with whom we interact regularly.

Anyway! Taurus is ruled by Venus, but she is also daughter of Mother Earth. In ancient Greece, she was Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. And in ancient Egypt, Taurus was known as Hathor, goddess of joy and Motherhood.

Hathor has a special connection to music, the precious stone turquoise and a necklace called menat. Even when she is depicted as a bull, Hathor wears the menat. In ancient Egypt, the menat was a special musical turquoise piece exclusively worn by women. Music, turquoise, jewelry and the neck are all aspects still associated with Taurus today: in the physical body, Taurus is said to rule the neck; as such, Taurus also rules the colors of the throat chakra, especially hues like turquoise.

I suggest a blue scarf or simple necklace to invoke Hathor’s gentle power. Take proper precautions to protect the throat. If you don’t already, I highly recommend using a neti pot every morning right when you wake up. This will ensure immune health and prevent colds, which all begin in the back of the throat, by the wayyy! When the moon is in Taurus, we feel extra sleepy. Don’t make ambitious plans, but rather plan to rest, eat good food and catch up with your earth folks.

This is going to be a great quarter moon. Some very fortuitous aspects are at play. One involves the moon herself, the other does not. That other aspect is a conjunction between Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. This is the formidable commingling of the mind (Mercury) and our deepest soul drive to understand, to transform, to evolve (Pluto). We can accomplish incredible things under this influence. As for the moon, she’ll form a near-perfect trine to Saturn in Capricorn. Holy earth day! Yes, we might feel heavy and lazy, but there is potential to get some serious work done. With all these planets dancing together so harmoniously in earth constellations, we can shape, mold, manifest anything we please on the terrestrial level. This means peace in work/financial life. This means abundance and stability.

The moon enters Gemini on Jan 26, staying here until Jan 28, then moving on to Cancer. When the moon is “at home” in Cancer, we are especially sensitive and prone to mood swings. On Jan 30 the moon enters Leo. This marks the official beginning of the lunar eclipse period. Energy will be vastly heightened at this time. Prepare for cosmic inundation!? Be strong with Taurus Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  abundance

Sun in Aquarius ☼ Jan 19 – Feb 18

Jan 19 – Feb 18, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday Aquarians!

Aquarians are the non-conformists of the zodiac, down for anything. The water bearer follows his own path, regardless of what is popular. This cycle is about adventure and living creatively. Look forward to all things alternative: new friends, unorthodox spiritual/philosophical trajectories, non-traditional medicine, party alienz…

The sun is in his detriment in Aquarius, 180º from Leo, the constellation ruled by the sun. Because Leo rules ego, one might say that Aquarius rules “anti-ego.” However, Aquarius struggles mightily with ego. Despite his magnetic enthusiasm, Aquarius is emotionally detached, even aloof, torn between love of solidarity and love of solitude. Balanced Aquarians are devoted to the evolution of both humanity and their own personal ego.

The Aquarian mantra is I know. Accordingly, the water bearer is a notorious, if not animated, intellectual imperialist. At best, he empowers, uplifts and revitalizes his community, but Aquarius can also be terribly stubborn. The water bearer demands proof of everything, but I think that’s just his Universal code, where life is a battle, a rivalry, a constant railing against THE MAN. As such, Aquarius has no problem intervening when he sees fit, and he can be quite cold and abrupt.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, Harbinger of the Unexpected. Consider the Greek myth of boy-turned-god Ganymede, for whom Aquarius is named. Ganymede was a beautiful young boy from Troy, nothing but a humble shepherd, completely unaware that Zeus was watching him, enamored by his beauty. Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and abducted Ganymede right from his pasture – unexpected indeed! Ganymede became (against his will, surely) a consort of Zeus, and was, out of all Zeus’ lovers, the only to be granted immortality. Ganymede was also made official cupbearer to the gods; we know him now, of course, as Aquarius, “the water bearer.”

Yes, this “boy” was a “lover” of Zeus. Plenty of interpretations suggest his abduction and liaison were non-consensual and morally corrupt. Is this the root of Aquarius’ fiery passion for social justice? The root of his scream, shrill as winter dawn, ricocheting down the corridor?

The spiritually conscious know something about the journey, and that is this: sometimes, when we fight the Aquarian “fight,” it mistakenly takes the form of martyrdom. Everything becomes a burden, and suffering sparkles. From “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass:

This trip [and by this he means THE TRIP – the one which leads you to YOU, back to SELF LOVE] requires total suffering but: it’s got to be suffering that is no suffering. You’ve got to go the whole suffering trip but: you can’t be the guy who is suffering … Am I he who is being pained? No! That’s the thing. Once you know that then: pleasure & pain, loss & gain, fame & shame are all the same. They’re all just happening. (p 106-7)

The Aquarius season is an excellent time to travel, especially to foreign countries. It is an excellent time to connect with new social scenes and learn about radical new concepts. In every way, the Aquarian archetype is cerebral, curious, totally original. Life feels novel and exciting. Opportunities present themselves suddenly, and yet all feels fated, everything at exactly the right moment. Aquarius loves surprises and keeping us on our toes, reminding us that we don’t actually know anything. Keep your eyes open, inhale this euphoria, this constant state of wonder. The skies are opening as though cracked by the gods, ready to shower you with mind-expanding gifts. Prepare for a burst of creative energy, artists.

The Aquarius cycle comes on the heels of the New Moon in Capricorn. Once again, we begin the next cycle in the midst of an existing lunar cycle. For example, if the new moon had come instead on the very first day of Aquarius, the lunar cycle would sync with the sun in the constellation of Aquarius. However, since the new moon comes before, the first few weeks of Aquarius are instead colored by the archetype of Capricorn. We will therefore continue working on the lessons of Capricorn, but now through the lens of Aquarius. This translates to a more progressive, innovative perspective (Aquarius) toward our life structure and long-term plans (Capricorn).

The Sun dances with a couple planets during this cycle. First a square with Jupiter in Scorpio on Feb 10. This is not a fortuitous day. Hard angles such as this one mean some kind of conflict is coming to a head. This is even less auspicious with Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune. Whenever Jupiter is squared, his lucky powers evaporate. On the bright side, this scarcity of good fortune is relegated to the Jupiterian realm of spirituality and belief systems. That is to say, Jupiter doesn’t cause physical accidents on the terrestrial plane; his involvement is beyond the day-to-day, speaking instead to matters of spirit. Anyway, there’s no need to be afraid, but I would not recommend travel, investment or any risk-taking. On Feb 17 the sun forms a conjunction to Mercury in Aquarius. This is a completely different vibe. Mercury is master of work and basic thought process, so this should be a very productive, intelligent day – a great day to get shit done. Having said this, another less auspicious astrological influence will also be operating that day between Mars and Neptune…so we’ll see.

As for Valentine’s Day, I say forget that bullshit. Sun in Aquarius is the worst possible timing for a holiday mean to celebrate love & partnership. Aquarius is many things, but not romantic. I do want you to know what kind of potential shimmers in the ice palace of Aquarius…I’m talking wildest dreams come true. And YOU are the one who makes it happen. I can also tell you that there’s gonna be a party, and weird people will be there. So wear something funky because there WILL be dancing. Improve your circulation with Aquarius Yoga.

Mantra:  freedom

Venus in Aquarius ⚢ Jan 17 – Feb 10

Jan 17 – Feb 10, 2018

Venus in Aquarius rolls in like a gale force wind. In Aquarius, the heart revels in unabashed passion, defiance and glorious freedom. The water bearer lives for travel and social connections, so prepare for an exploratory transit, whether in body or mind. I have also observed within Aquarius a strong attraction to music and dance. Aquarius, as an air element, embodies the power of the intellect. An inundation of air energy such as this can easily make us think too much or rely too much on the logic brain.

Those born with Venus in Aquarius gravitate towards unusual, unstable individuals. They are often magnetized to strange, sometimes dangerous, relationships and circumstances. Nonetheless, Aquarian individuals make excellent, if not troubled, friends.

Aquarius reminds me of vyana, one of the five prana vayus. Vyana is a physio-spatial energy radiating from the core of the body, out through the skin and beyond. Like Aquarius, it rules all manner of circulation. In the body this means not just the circulatory system, but also circulation of thoughts, nervous responses and electrical charges. Outside the body, Aquarius represents circulation of universal lovingkindness. The water bearer teaches humanity how to share, co-create, listen and learn from one another. Think of this transit as a master class in “loving and embracing the collective.”

Aquarius is notoriously scattered and unpredictable, yet self-sustaining and independent. Here Venus reminds us that, with open hearts, we are well-supported by golden webs. If you’ve destroyed your webs, spin new ones now. Have mercy on your fiery soul. Our purpose is to be ourselves, completely and fearlessly. We are wild horses roaming the cosmic plain. We are not just anyone, but adventurers, lovers, artists. Let Venus in Aquarius shower your circle with spiritual light. Look through this prism, hear uplifting words echo round the turquoise halls of the inner eye.

Be wary that Venus in Aquarius is not warm or fuzzy, but fervent, quick to anger, extreme in every way. Venus in Aquarius tenses when her freedom to be as she is feels even slightly threatened. Like the other fixed signs, Aquarius knows and openly acknowledges that he’s got rough edges. Aquarius is a martyr of righteousness. He imagines a world without money, laws, jails, borders or restrictions of any kind: a world in which cooperation is a fact of life. This is the Aquarian dream, that of perfect equanimity.

Get ready to get radical. This cycle awakens the inner rebel lying dormant in our hearts. She may come out screaming and terrified. She may pick up weapons if she is too afraid to realize that she doesn’t need any armor at all. Do not direct anger at loved ones; find a healthy outlet to release tension. In yoga, practice inverted postures to calm the nervous system. Give yourself a foot massage. Go for a walk. Make big circular movements with your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, head, spine and whole body. Writhe like an animal, who cares, no one’s watching. Let your instinct body come out and howl. You are a fucking wolf. That is all.

On Feb 3, Venus squares Jupiter in Scorpio. In astrology, squares are hard, difficult angles representing conflict. This is especially true because Jupiter rules good fortune and spiritual prosperity. High possibility of feeling disappointed by someone. Another possibility: spending too much money or being overly excessive in some way. Moderation is the most important, yet challenging, directive to keep in mind. Everything else looks good! Circulate with Aquarius Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Aquarius, this is your Venus Return! To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  we are One

New Moon in Capricorn 🐐 Jan 16, 2018

Tuesday, Jan 16 at 6.18pm PST

The new moon in Capricorn rises dark and silent with a very clear message. On one hand, Capricorn represents patriarchal evils – outdated values and institutions so loathed by the spiritually conscious. But if we understand Capricorn only through this lens, we will never destroy old structures, never build anew. So remember that Capricorn is not just the man in the suit, but also the fresh-faced architect: the first assembler of the New Earth.

The Capricorn season is one of relaxation, rich foods, materialism and beloved rituals, but the sea goat is also known for his work ethic, so let’s summon that too. Capricorn’s mantra is I use. As such, he demonstrates application of wisdom. Capricorn asks us to implement more self-control, more self-discipline, more rigor.

New moons make us feel unusually tired, and this is especially true with Capricorn. Feel that solid, stagnant force in your bones? Earth is, by nature, heavy and drowsy. Sloth entrenched in the body’s matter, deep enough to make us hurt, pushes us to the point of surrender. In Capricorn the moon is strained. The moon is in her “detriment” in Capricorn, opposite the sign she rules, which would be Cancer. A planet is weakest in detriment and life therefore more challenging. Removed from her warm ocean, Luna is naked and vulnerable. Watch for mood swings and unusually low energy. Your inclination to stay home and meditate is perfectly natural.

There will be a grand total of six planets in Capricorn on the day of the new moon. Holy leaden goat energy. The moon will primarily interact with Venus in Capricorn in a harmonious conjunction, making this new moon especially warm and fuzzy in a domestic/interpersonal sense. The other influence is a hard square to Uranus – much less fortuitous. Any time a difficult angle is formed to Uranus, we must expect the unexpected. With Uranus we need to be mindful of the possibility of accidents, sudden unfortunate events or anything which comes “out of the blue.” Uranus lives to shock us. His lessons are designed to make us uncomfortable, to show us that we don’t really know what we think we know.

By Jan 17, Luna will be in Aquarius, the constellation ruled by Uranus, so we’ll get an even better feel of what this electric archetype is all about. Better yet, the Sun will cruise into Aquarius on Jan 19, marking the end of Capricorn season. On this same day, the moon moves ahead into Pisces, the sleepiest constellation of all, so don’t be afraid to spend lots of time resting and regenerating your spirit from Jan 19-21. We’ll feel a massive shift later on the evening of Jan 21 when the moon moves into Aries, signaling rebirth and a fresh wave of physical energy. Enjoy this fire until Jan 24, then get ready for the quarter moon in Taurus, the first moon phase of the Aquarian season.

Skeletons creak inexorably forward, ghostly hands tug from below. Yes, there is joy in seemingly endless self-work. Go outside and inhale low gray clouds. Though you may be tired, even depressed, do not forget that you are infinitely supported by the earth and she would love to see you. Visualize new sprouts popping, reaching for the sun. Connect to the earth with this image of lightness.

In yoga and meditation, focus on the joints and knees. I recommend wearing neutral earth tones. Align your body with Capricorn Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I build

Mercury in Capricorn ☿ Jan 10-31

Jan 10 – 31, 2018

Mercury transits are not necessarily high impact on their own; it is Mercury’s interaction with the sun and Venus which are really crucial, or the context within which Mercury operates. Mercury enters Capricorn about two weeks after the sun. This means that the mind must wait to sync with the sun, the force of manifestation and action in the zodiac. The mind will trail behind in the constellation of Sagittarius, a comparably unruly, undisciplined position. Mercury will sync with Venus for only one week, meaning that the mind and heart will operate mostly independently from one another as well.

Capricorn, like the other earth signs, is plan-oriented until the day he dies. With Mercury the Messenger in this constellation, communication revolves around projects and goals. Capricorn wants not only to know, but to know how. Natives with this placement may come off as cold or inflexible. They must learn to speak with more feeling and less pragmatism.

Not so secretly, Capricorn greatly covets positions of authority. His curt, authoritative delivery reflects this admiration. The goat likes to think that he doles out constant reality checks, but we all have our own version of reality. We see this when Capricorn, as he often does, says what he would like to see happen, what he needs, what he could really use. The goat wants to know what others might do for him.

When I visualize this sign, I feel strain in my body. The Capricorn psyche is a rigid one, drowning in unattainable standards. One of the greatest challenges for Capricorn is lightening up, brushing it off, opening the heart. Ruled by Saturn, Uncle Businessman of the zodiac, the goat struggles to feel real freedom. This restriction emanates directly from his own soul, but fortunately he is well aware of this. Capricorn knows that his need for maximum efficiency can overwhelm even the most organized humans.

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. In Capricorn, the goat blazes proudly from Mercury’s breast – wise, earthen, deliberate. Indeed, Capricorn is a creature of great deliberation. Though, as you may have gathered, Mercury in Capricorn is not a very emotionally expressive transit. You may feel stuck. My advice is simple: say it with feeling. So often we are afraid to communicate, especially when we imagine that we are tottering on an invisible edge, but there is nothing to fear. To speak is to be free. In particular, tackle communication issues related to your financial or professional life. If you feel like a block of ice, physically warm your body and throat chakra. Take a deep breath and speak your truth slowly.

Every constellation is a preparation for the next. The goat’s lessons prepare us for the water bearer, Aquarius. Mercury in Capricorn draws out all of our plans and ambitions to create empty space for the electric winds of Aquarius. Get everything in writing, or better yet, make a visual representation of what you would like to accomplish this winter. This transit is meant to be highly productive in a professional and financial sense, but we must work diligently.

If revolutionary conversations need to happen, they are not going to be warm and fuzzy. In the public sphere I think we’ll see conservative politicians making (even more) painful gaffes about women’s rights. Or right at your own dinner table!

January 12 is the first gold star day – Mercury will link with Saturn in Capricorn. On January 24, Mercury links with Pluto. I predict that we’ll see another massive round of media exposure concerning high-profile men falling from power. On January 27, Mercury will square Uranus, god of the unexpected. Any hard angles to Uranus mean only one thing: something of which we are unaware is coming our way. Be very careful on this day and definitely do not travel! The best days for important conversations or big financial/professional moves are Jan 12th and 24th. Mercury glides into Aquarius on the day of the eclipse at the end of the month – enjoy!

Align your bones with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Capricorn, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I mean what I say

Last Quarter Moon in Libra ☾ Jan 8, 2018

Monday, Jan 8 at 2.26pm PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

The quarter moon in Libra is rational yet compassionate, vigilant yet fair-minded, squaring the Sun in Capricorn, our stubborn goat. Capricorn is a lover conditioned by work and Libra his Shakti, smiling because she knows intimately every interpersonal trial and tribulation there is.

Capricorn teaches us about work – and with this quarter moon dancing in Libra, that something concerns the people with whom we work. That something is about communication and living well together. It’s about community and what it means to be in one, how to create one. Libra takes a hard look at our communal successes and failures, and yet she comes wreathed in earthen prosperity and abundance. Here lies proof of our efforts, this joy glinting from the cracks of our weathered hands.

The scale is not only a symbol of balance, but also decision-making and listening. Before “weighing in,” Libra gathers as much information as possible. Her final decision reflects this careful deliberation. How long it takes to reach that decision is another story. Imbalanced Libra can be so afraid of offending others that she just agrees with everyone. Do not be insecure, do not cling to appearances and social niceties. Be honest and generous. Harmony finds us one way or another. If peace be in your heart, peace be in your community.

Libra is a born diplomat. Without Libra, how would we relate to one another tactfully? Without Libra, interpersonal karmic seeds would never hatch. We need Libra to guide our circle. She is wiser than all of us combined. Libra is the force behind the tongue. She is the apology, the hug. She transforms us into excellent communicators and community makers. And when we fall, it is she who opens our hearts to accountability, acknowledgment, acceptance. It is she who keeps the goat connected to his people.

The end of a redemption song begun long ago gathers us to wholeness. Yang infuses yin with rehabilitative tonics, introducing a novel archetype that is not aggressive or traumatizing, but gentle and understanding. Ancient borders disintegrate, forgiveness floods the land. Inhale atonement and reconciliation. Lay down your sword. Peace is coming.

Oh, how we make the same mistakes! But see the golden thread – you needed to be THERE to be HERE so BE HERE NOW.

Let’s look out for one another. Let’s broach the most important social issues plaguing our planet. We can be assertive and graceful. Speak with dignity! Flow as one with the great stream! Your heart seeds are begging to bloom. Let go, brothers and sisters.

There’s a lot of shit which is not working for me or anyone anymore. A lot of hate and manipulation. In truth we can and should meet in a very different place, an androgynous one where the spectrum is orgiastic, not polarized and bloody. I have seen how it can be, and if your reality is crumbling, move on now. We’re still in the process of creating the ideal environment, but there are rare lightbeings wandering these hillsides who will shelter you. They are the mossy folk with virescent eyes. Follow them, stand beneath the starry tree. Snow falls silently all around.

For yoga and movement, try balancing postures. In meditation focus on the sacral chakra. Drink plenty of water to honor your kidneys, ruled by Libra. Honor Venus, ruler of Libra, by beautifying your home space. Reach out to the ones you love, tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. Stand up straight with Libra Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I work, I love

Supermoon in Cancer ♋ Jan 1, 2018

Monday, Jan 1 at 6.25pm PST

This full moon is called the Full Wolf Moon. Cold and hungry, packs of wolves would howl through the night around native villages. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Cancer and Capricorn: Shakti and Shiva, divine masculine and feminine. Luna is right at home here, as Cancer is the constellation she rules. The crab and the moon are duly associated with motherhood, emotion and intuition. Cancer’s mantra is “I feel,” and indeed she feels like home.

Both Cancer and Capricorn seek to put down roots and get settled, whether physically or emotionally. They gravitate toward relationships and environments which promise longevity, safety and security. As cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn are rather straight and narrow, often choosing traditional trajectories over weird or whacky alternatives. The crab is known for her keen interest in art, cats and turbo chilling. Cancer and Capricorn love to cuddle, stay in bed all day, lounge around and eat everything in sight.

A stable partner is (usually) a priority element in what it means to feel settled. This full moon, as a culminating force, not only indicates the culmination of a relationship or, more broadly, the integration of feminine and masculine energies, but also vows to deliver seismic understanding.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is – roughly – between the heart and the head. Cancer honors the heart as an organic and integral source of information. Capricorn is the uncompromising stalwart of the zodiac, holding himself to the highest of standards, so tangled in his own idea of what should be that he rarely experiences real freedom. Though Cancer may cling fiercely to cloying comforts, she reminds the sea goat not to live only by what is, or what appears to be. Capricorn, conversely, teaches the crab discipline. In truth, he would really benefit from being more open in his heart; Cancer could likewise benefit from employing a little rationalism. Too much Capricorn makes us rigid, and too much Cancer makes us wail and worry.

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. I recommend moving slowly and cautiously on this full moon as we will be unusually susceptible to the energy of people and places. The psychic membrane separating ego from cosmos grows exponentially thinner and more porous every day. Let me communicate now that we may be very emotionally reactive or easily overwhelmed on this full moon. On the upside, the crab’s sensitivity can also make us uncommonly empathic, understanding and sincere.

This full moon is about home and family. It’s about tradition and commitment. If you, like me, are not such a traditional human, my advice is to accept your circumstances right away and don’t waste energy fighting it. A lot of good humans out there just want to stay inside the lines. Everyone’s weird, but not everyone flies their freak flag.

Luna forms two primary aspects, one helpful and the other not so helpful. Venus in Capricorn is also positioned – along with the Sun in Capricorn – directly opposite this full moon. A few hours later, the moon passes into a more harmonious trine with Neptune. Whatever interpersonal conflicts which may arise will hopefully see resolution in the same day with this helping hand from Neptune the Mystical Forgiving Soul.

Full moons always heighten emotional energy. Watch those reactions, folks. Take deep breaths, go for a walk. In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Nourish your spirit with Cancer Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  unconditional love

First Quarter Moon in Aries ☽ Dec 26, 2017

Tuesday, Dec 26 at 1.20am PST

The Sun in Capricorn squares the moon in Aries. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons prompt definitive change. They represent a turning point or moment of truth.

This quarter moon represents definitive action (Aries) overlaying complete restructuring on an emotional and psychological level (Capricorn). Luna in Aries whispers of the next cosmological cycle starting in spring. All astrological events in Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, signal new beginnings. However, the purpose of last quarter moons is clearing out. New moons clear the field, make room, open the Way. Then, at the first quarter, we take a step.

That first step is made in the name of SELF LOVE. Aries is our relationship to Self. In the body, Aries rules the muscles and Capricorn the bones. Capricorn, like our skeleton, is rigid and difficult to change. Aries, full of blood and heat, begs for our commitment. Through him we sprout and strengthen. Remember the last time you exercised until your breath was jagged, muscles scorching. In these moments a singular scream strangles the mind: I AM I AM I AM. This fire, moon children, is what we encounter now.

Any moon phase in Aries brings life to that which must live. Our love for fire and masculinity must live. Negative patriarchal archetypes must die. Old bones, old broken archways falling down, old cathedrals and chambers, all of it must burn in the fires of the newborn ram. Aries is a naturally inspiring figure, but we should not forget that he is pure fire. Any square involving fire can easily lead to anger. I want to emphasize that people are generally more irritable when the moon is in Aries. Think before speaking and acting. Stay sober, climb a mountain, or wear red, put on your favorite music and fucking dance. Stamp the floor, feel a rose blooming from the base of your spine, the spice of life, raw, sharp, iron on your tongue. Sweat to the rhythm of I AM I AM I AM.

The primary aspect at this quarter moon is a square to Venus in Capricorn, causing some interpersonal/domestic/familial conflict. We’ll start to feel all of this on Christmas Day. One day later on the evening of Dec 26, the moon forms a harmonious trine to Mercury in Sagittarius – should be an exceptionally intelligent, clearheaded night. On the afternoon of Dec 27, the moon will be conjunct Uranus Retrograde, the planet of unexpectedness. Be very careful around this time – avoid traveling or using any kind of technology. Late that evening, the moon moves into Taurus. During the 60 hours that the moon is in Taurus, we will probably feel quite heavy and lazy. Later in the evening of Dec 28 Luna opposes Mars in Scorpio, then Jupiter in Scorpio. This is another period during which we should be very careful with our emotions – watch for anger. By Dec 30 the moon will be in Gemini – and we’ll ring in the new year with this airy moon! Be mindful once again on the evening of Dec 30, as this is when the moon will square Neptune, then oppose Mercury hours later. On New Year’s Eve the moon will be in the final degrees of Gemini, then enter the constellation of Cancer moments later. This officially commences the full moon period, coming exact on New Year’s Day.

Aries, master of spring, is our best teacher in the dead of winter. Now that we are throughly entrenched in frosty Capricorn, I say: follow that hot-blooded sheep up the mountain. May this phase be warm and bright! Be a warrior with Aries Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I AM

Venus in Capricorn ⚢ Dec 24 – Jan 17

Dec 24, 2017 – Jan 17, 2018

Venus in Capricorn is a seasoned professional. When the planet of interpersonal relations enters the earthen architect constellation, it’s time to build our reputation. Converse with people in positions of perceived power. Look at your social life, work life and how/where they intersect. Experiment with networking and career pathways. Plan and prepare; polish and refine; sort and organize; grab hold of this earthen matrix and lay your foundation. With any earth sign such as Capricorn, it is especially helpful to make a physical/visual representation of what you would like to accomplish.

Capricorn treats life like a business. He is steadfast, clearheaded and charming, but he can also be cold, stiff, reserved, intransigent. He does not wonder what other people are feeling, but what they might do for him. Social interactions emanate from the logic brain here. They are not visceral or emotional, but bony like pillars, like stone, like the hard, frosty ground beneath our feet. If we remember to be a little warmer, others will more readily receive what we offer.

Those born with Venus in Capricorn often gravitate toward traditional relationships, marriage, heteronormativity, etc. And these types very much expect others to work for them. They want people to show up, be helpful and get the job done right. Venus in Capricorn does not tolerate unreliability. So one good thing to ask ourselves is how we can be more useful to friends, family and society. We might also ask whether we demand too much from our circle. Yes, we have the right to uphold our own standards and expectations. But can the goat learn to be flexible? In the body Capricorn rules the bones, joints and teeth. He is the skeleton both in the body and in life, meaning that he is difficult to change. Practices like yoga work first at the muscular level, then the ligaments, and finally the bones. It is possible to affect change even at the deepest level. Though it takes time and patience, even the bones and skeleton can be rearranged; even they can accommodate.

Capricorn, like his ruler Saturn, operates by way of contraction and elimination. The goat’s darkest wish is to just eliminate the people he deems unworthy. This force of contraction is, obviously, a slippery slope. If we let obsession with usefulness take precedence, society becomes a gross stratification. This is not so unlike our world today, where desperate individuals cling to fame and fortune, rejecting that which does not embody the prestige that Capricorn craves. Every human serves a purpose. We are all significant, we all contribute.

On Christmas Day Venus falls on the same degree as Saturn in Capricorn. Together they bring peace to work and financial turmoil. This is a soft, forgiving and rather sleepy influence. Share ideas about building and creating with your loved ones. Think about practicality, applicability, resourcefulness. Meditate on stability, security and abundance. Thank your mentors.

Venus links with the Sun in Capricorn on January 8, and this sounds nice in theory, but this is also the quarter moon in Libra, the constellation ruling interpersonal relationships (and which is ruled by Venus). Quarter moons are synonymous with conflict. Nonetheless, I hope these forces manage to bring resolution to interpersonal conflicts that may arise. One day later on January 9, Venus and the Sun land on Pluto. I think this will herald another huge exposure of sexual predators and financial corruption, so expect more news stories about wealthy powermongers falling from grace. Pluto is currently in the process of ripping every single institution out by its roots, shaking until all the old men fall out and then casting these withered establishments out into the galaxy to burn up and never return. Any dance with Pluto signals that we are about to confront some serious shit. The last aspect I want to mention is a square with Uranus on January 13, and this means only one thing: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, especially in terms of social/interpersonal life.

If you want to build a truly infallible foundation, if you envision a circle where everyone excitedly devours projects together, first consider how you can be most useful to the collective. How many good deeds can you perform today? Work well, and with great love and respect. Stay rooted with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Capricorn, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  purpose

Sun in Capricorn ☼ Dec 21 – Jan 19

Dec 21, 2017 (Winter Solstice) – Jan 19, 2018

Happy birthday goaties!

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

We’re in the upper echelon of the zodiac, next stop Capricorn. Rest your bones awhile. As the last earth sign in the zodiac, Capricorn represents resolute culmination. And as he is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is one to believe that everything must be done a certain way. Precisely, the conventional way. People you meet now may be very intent on this.

Capricorn represents what is. He is a realist, a professor, a mentor. Yes, it is comforting to have plans and expectations, but the goat has a reputation. He is stiff, repressed, emotionally constipated.

Alas, t’is the season for criticism. Capricorn has ridiculously high standards. We need empathy and compassion too. Embrace structure and discipline as worthy organizational/directional tools, but don’t ignore the water, the spirit, the Great Mother. Remember to smile and keep it light, moon-dwellers.

The goat moves at one of two speeds: insanity, or total stillness. If you, like me, have heavy earth energy, this cycle signals hibernation. When the Sun moves into Capricorn, I hit the sheets bear-human style. Overcoming inertia feels pretty impossible at this time of year.

Some things that are important to do: sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early. This is really imperative, otherwise you will sleep through this entire cycle. Eat lightly and not too late at night. Exercise as soon as you wake up. Spend time in the sun. Schedule work into your day and then make sure to show up and do it. This is also crucial lest you go back to bed and do nothing. Get out, leave your house. Outings don’t have to be social in nature – move about, freshen your mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed, do not go back to bed! Try incorporating citrus, cinnamon, hot chilies or other pitta-inducing foods into your diet. These will help keep your energy elevated. Take hot baths but don’t stay in for too long or you will get tired again. Stay away from screens, movies, TV, etc. Pick up a book instead. All creative work encouraged per usual, but I know how hard it is to create when you’re not feeling inspired!

The goat cycle comes on the heels of the New Moon in Sagittarius. This means that we begin our next cycle in the middle of an existing lunar cycle. This means we will continue working on the lessons of Sagittarius, but now through the lens of Capricorn. Sounds complicated, but in essence this just translates to a more serious, grounded perspective (Capricorn) on issues of truth, belief, travel and spirituality (Sagittarius).

December 26 is a quarter moon, and the first day of the new year 2018 is a full moon. Uranus Retrograde ends one day later on January 2. The following week on January 8 we have another quarter moon. Quarter moons are considered challenging yet fruitful in astrology. The following day brings the Sun, Venus and Pluto all into conjunction in the constellation of Capricorn – HOLY POWERFUL DAY! By January 10 Mercury will also be in Capricorn, and this is when we’ll finally start to feel back to normal – no more lingering retrograde feelings. Mercury forms his own conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn on January 12. This is an excellent day to get work done or to have a meeting – anything related to the professional realm is favored – mega gold star day for all Capricorn endeavors. The following day is a difficult one; on January 13, Venus squares Uranus, the planet of unexpected happenings. Venus rules interpersonal relations, so the unexpectedness comes in that area of life. Be extremely careful with your communication and/or social plans. The day after, same thing happening with the Sun, another square to Uranus. To say the least, it is a weekend full of surprises and as such I do not recommend traveling or planning anything important. We have our new moon in Capricorn on January 16. Lastly, Venus ditches the Sun for Aquarius just two days before the Sun himself also moves into Aquarius.

Capricorn season coincides with Christmas, a holiday celebrated by many humans around the world. What better way to honor the sea goat’s love of tradition and ritual than by enacting your own, year after year? Just as we must look beyond the rigid archetype of Capricorn to understand his nebulous inner folds, we must also look beyond the commercial aspects of Christmas to understand the real roots and lessons. Stay rooted with Capricorn Yoga.

Mantra:  I love myself

Saturn in Capricorn ♄ 2017-2020

Dec 19, 2017 – Dec 16, 2020

Saturn enters Capricorn, the sign he rules. I will talk about this at length in just a moment. First a recap of Saturn in Sagittarius, a transit which began in December 2014.

Saturn in Sagittarius was all about truth, morality, free thought and spiritual seeking. This transit was one massive reconciliation between the need to be rooted and supported, and the equally powerful need to be mobile and adventurous, to travel, to expand, to be free. Saturn in Sag helped us destroy cynical psychological complexes and live with more authenticity. We aligned with liberating spiritual philosophies. We evolved rapidly, yet within a structured and disciplined framework, as Saturn always demands be done. Saturn contracts, Sagittarius swells. They don’t understand one another on a fundamental level, and I think those of you who just had your Saturn Return know this better than anyone. Your spiritual DNA dictates that you expand and contract at the same time. You are gypsies stuck at home.

Saturn in Sagittarius also placed us in grueling circumstances where we had to discern with utmost prudence what was right and wrong. Sagittarius is an optimist and idealist, but he is also an escapist, a willfully blind man, who, rather than grope in the darkness he so adamantly denies, lives only in the light. He tells himself whatever he needs to uphold illusion and gleefully ignores that which rankles. No matter, we still had to face and define spiritual blocks. Our blocks and beliefs were heated to scorching. My personal relationship to this transit was an intense questioning of my own pursuit of yoga and what it means to be a yogi in the Western world. How to take this wisdom and become it, live it, be it?

Now Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, so he is “at home” here. We’ve been waiting 27 years to see Saturn at home again. I’ve done a lot of charts recently for people who were born with Saturn in Capricorn, people who are about to have their first Saturn Return. These people, but really all of us, are about to experience Saturn at his most quintessential, moving through his very own constellation – his stomping grounds, his castle, his domain.

Saturn/Capricorn is associated with work, finance, institutions, religion: all that forms the foundation of society. Saturn in Capricorn is a blueprint; a clock; a bank. He is regulated, officious, detailed, oriented towards reality and what is. Those born with Saturn in Capricorn are often similarly oriented. Collectively, as a generation, these types are more concerned with status and profession, especially when Saturn is strong within an individual’s personal chart.

Saturn in Capricorn exerts constant pressure, goading us to perform better, harder. He expects perfection from his students. Those born with Saturn in Capricorn are often highly self-critical. Earthlings, prepare to witness this cold, earthen energy welling up from deep within Gaia’s core. It is steely, prickly, frigid. Saturn in Capricorn is barbed, then soft; difficult, then endlessly forgiving; back-breaking, then sound asleep.

Saturn is the architect of the solar system. Saturn in Capricorn builds and creates and uses. The mantra for Capricorn is: I use. This verb has very negative connotations in our materialistic world. Think instead of usefulness, practicality, applicability. How can I take what I have and use it for the greatest good? How can I be more resourceful? How can I learn to appreciate what I already have without seeking more resources elsewhere? And yes, there are profound spiritual elements interspersed in all this cold, hard language.

Capricorn comes from Lord Enki, the Sumerian god who was half goat, half fish. It is easy to focus strictly on the goat side of Capricorn, the stoic mountain climber with no patience for frilly subjects. We do Capricorn a grave injustice by forgetting his gorgeous fish tail, bobbing in the tide. His tail is his greatest love and enemy. Yes Capricorn resents that tail, wishes it would go away, but the truth is that he is an artist and creature of great feeling beneath his bristles. Capricorn represents the ancient conflict between head and heart. He is at once rational and irrational, extremely critical and exceptionally lenient. He works relentlessly, then sleeps for days. He moves and organizes with impressive speed, then lounges in catatonic stillness. He focuses his energy on what is useful and practical, then loses himself in whirlwinds of emotion, namely regret and guilt.

I feel that one of the major lessons of this transit lies in acknowledging that scaly tail. This is particularly true for those of you who have your Saturn Return now, but it is also true for me and everyone else. The divine masculine is not a singular violent force. Within the realm of man, there is woman: cosmic duality. No person is immune to water, to spirit, to love and feeling. Even Capricorn’s goaty heart, so routinely suffocated by his own ideas of how it should be, even he is pulled again and again into the deliciousness of the illogical ocean self.

These next three years will teach us how to stay in one place and do the good work, the hard work, the physical work. We will learn the value of stability and security in all senses. We will learn how to take care of our own material and financial needs. We will learn to see structure, discipline and self-control as necessary tools in the evolution of humankind. Prepare for some wonderful mentors to enter your life.

Good luck with your Saturn Return, goat people! Celebrate this transit with Capricorn Yoga. To find your Saturn sign, click here.

Mantra: I am in control