First Quarter Moon in Aquarius ☽ Nov 15, 2018

Thursday, Nov 15 at 6.54am PST

The Sun in Scorpio squares the moon in Aquarius. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight all over the world, no matter your time zone. Quarter moons represent a moment of truth, heralding vital information for the full moon. The moon is waxing, gathering momentum for fullness. The moon enters Aquarius on the morning of Nov 13 – we will begin to feel the effects of the quarter moon at this point.

At quarter moons I always mention the possibility of emotional turbulence. This is especially prescient with both Scorpio and Aquarius involved: the queen of volatility wrestles with an unexpected lightning storm.

There are a few things worth mentioning about Aquarius right away. He is often late. He frequently feels superior to his present circumstances or company. He talks, endlessly. He is brutally direct and honest. But the water bearer is fearless, to the point of being un-shockable. Aquarius acts on impulse. He does whatever he pleases and thus possesses extraordinary powers of manifestation. Aquarius asks: why not? He is a traveler, a daredevil, a visionary.

Scorpio is a devilish vixen who drags out old stuff. She digs her pincers into our wounds. When we are revisited by old work, demons we thought we had already banished, prancing back, ghoulish grins aglow, a powerful emotion courses through our veins. Pain is a teacher; it is inevitable; it IS.

From the blinding blackness of night, Scorpio whispers: do you remember? The womb, the tomb? This is where I live. And so it is. Creature of infinite water, return with great haste from whence you came. Consumed by your own power, obliterate, scatter to the stars and be reborn. At the edge of all edges, feel everything.

At this quarter moon last year, I was in the middle of teaching a yoga class when a vampiric/scorpionic type woman sharply interrupted me to criticize my teaching. I was so stunned and thrown off by the interruption that I burst into tears the moment everyone left the studio. Such unexpected social interactions are highly common with any celestial event in Aquarius. Furthermore, this quarter moon forms a trine to Venus Retrograde in Libra. As you may have noticed, Venus Retrograde (starting Oct 5) is not exactly conducive to social fluidity. In other words, expect some awkwardness or social malfunction on this quarter moon and perhaps avoid socializing at all. No matter what, expect that the day will NOT go as planned!

Aquarius rules the lower legs in the body. Aquarius Yoga definitely engages these muscle groups, but really this yoga practice is about inversions. When the body is inverted, feet above the heart and head, the body becomes a bridge, representing ascension from one level of consciousness to the next. To see your feet in the air above you is revolutionary as it defies normalcy. Inversions remind us that at any moment, reality may be subverted, transgressed. There are no rules, no limitations. Give it a try with Aquarius Yoga.

The magic of Aquarius is in MOVEMENT and ADVENTURE. Go backpacking, get away from the world. Let the winds of Aquarius fill your lungs and mind, fresh and electric. If possible, spend time near a body of water. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am calm

Jupiter in Sagittarius ♐ Nov 8, 2018

Nov 8, 2018 – Dec 2, 2019

Jupiter profoundly influences human life from year to year. Since it takes 12 years for Jupiter to circle the Sun, twelve constellations in twelve years = one full year per constellation. This year Jupiter returns “home” to his ruling constellation Sagittarius.

Since Oct 10, 2017, Jupiter has been in Scorpio. As predicted, this past year was the year of reckoning – the year of #MeToo. The scorpionic Jupiterian year closes now with an unbelievable, outrageous series of events: a sexual predator has been elected to the highest court of the most powerful nation in the world. Here is a summary of what I wrote last year, well in advance of the Harvey Weinstein scandal: “…what comes next, my friends, is much more intense. It is visceral, it is real. It is about control, money, sex and desire. The mantra for Scorpio is I desire … Scorpio rules the genitals in the body, aka muladhara. And it is from here that we too will live, like animals, like feral beasts, chained by no one. Yes, this is a potent year, and we must be very careful not to manipulate one another … You will feel more intelligent than you ever have, capable of anything. Your inner witch will come back to life all these years later – your intuition, your all-knowing nature. Yes, my friends, feel it, and don’t be afraid. Scorpio means transformation. She rules fear, trust, integrity and irreversible metamorphosis. This is the year that we step into our power. This is the year that we take on something that we thought we weren’t ready for and triumph anyway. This is the year that lust devours us. This is the year of tantra; mastery; unparalleled focus and drive; and piercing eyes staring into the belly of trauma unflinchingly. It is extremely important that we banish malevolent sexual energies during this coming year … Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.”

Now Jupiter in Sagittarius. Think back to late November 2006 – mid December 2007. Think about what was going on in your life at this time, for the same themes are about to come rushing back. This next year provides an opportunity to expand upon these themes and continue working on whatever was left unfinished at that time.

This is an excellent year to travel within or without. If you have been meaning to go back to school (internal expansion of the mind) or explore international interests (outer expansion) – do it. Jupiter in Scorpio took us down to the bottom of the ocean; Sagittarius takes us out of the water and into the sparkling sky. It is time to fly, to burst into flames of ecstasy. This year is about freedom, curiosity, adventure and what it means to move forward. The mantra for Scorpio is I aim, so draw back your arrows my friends, send them forth into the starry night.

With all of this excitement and enthusiasm, it is very easy to get carried away. Stay grounded in your intuition. Opportunities, perhaps things you’ve been waiting for all your life, will arise now, but it is up to you to be prudent. If you hear an inner voice begging you to slow down and give it another thought, heed that command. This year will be a mighty test of patience. Jupiter in Sagittarius will take us to new places, fantastical places, wildest dream kind of places, this much I can assure. And the journey will not be arduous, not if we take our time.

We are dashing into the unknown with a whoop and a holler, rocketing through time and space. You will feel more alive and awake than you ever have, invincible. Your thirst for life will return, as well as your sense of justice. Sagittarius rules law, morality and ethics. With any luck, he will shine much-needed light on the same putrid caverns Jupiter in Scorpio helped us locate.

More than anything, this is a year of joy, but it does not come without its hard lessons. We may be so anxious to get where we are going that we fall and hurt ourselves. The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius, I was a teenager in high school. My braces came off for the first time in years and my smile returned. I got drunk for the first time. I went on a date with someone for the first time. I knew that my heart and life were opening exponentially. But all of this ended with disastrous consequences because I didn’t listen to my intuition, didn’t stand up for myself, didn’t get up and leave before it was too late. Do not make the same mistakes that I did. Say yes only when it is time to say yes, when you feel in your marrow that it is right, when you feel not one iota of doubt or hesitation. That is the moment, stargazers, that is the moment that will change your life, elevate your consciousness, lift you beyond.

Dates to watch: on Jan 13, 2019, June 16, 2019 and once more on Sep 21, 2019 Jupiter will form a square (challenging 90 degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. This influence can make us even more idealistic, optimistic, restless or naive. Neptune is the queen of wishful thinking. When she wrestles with Jupiter, illusion mounts, then cracks. We will be forced to acknowledge the discrepancy between what we had hoped and how it is. Attachments notwithstanding, we must be honest with ourselves. This square brings introspection (Neptune) on ingrained belief systems and visions of the future (Jupiter). Neptune lives within, swimming and dreaming. She encourages Sagittarius to rest and reflect. Without such rest, the centaur is consumed by grandiose fantasies, bubbly social events and eventual exhaustion. Jupiter is a jolly soul, but we should not forget that he belongs to the fire element. Any square involving fire can manifest as explosive anger. It may be more difficult to sleep at night. Artistic expression highly recommended, as always.

If you were born with Jupiter in Sagittarius, this year is your Jupiter Return. Click here to see your Jupiter sign.

Mantra:  I AIM

New Moon in Scorpio ♏ Nov 7, 2018

Wednesday, Nov 7 at 8.02am PST

New moons are more than symbolic. Many will move, begin new work, end a relationship, etc. As with any celestial event in Scorpio, emotional plumbing and subsequent healing are the central focus. Scorpio is associated with power, control, intimacy and finance, or all that underlies. Scorpio lives in the unseen, the hiding place. She is often illustrated as a dark and morbid entity, but it is important to remember that the scorpion swims down into the trench to be reborn, to transform. The greatest challenge for the scorpion is learning how to use her power correctly. She can read people with eerie precision, and in her world this may lead to supercilious manipulation or deceit.

The scorpion is both an animal and archetype of true mystery and intrigue. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures, well-camouflaged in the desert. Their complex mating rituals remain ill-understood despite much observation and scientific research. Scorpions are the only animals known to commit suicide in the face of their own death, effectively taking control of the death experience rather than submitting to it. Their need for control is this strong: death without control is not death, but defeat. It is interesting to think of the scorpion’s tail as a device that she might turn against her own life. No matter, Scorpio learns the hard way, routinely stinging those she loves most.

Although the scorpion is poisonous, she is an agent of detox in astrology. Keeping this in mind, welcome change. Change is more than good – change will be your indicator that all is copacetic. The changes that gives way at this new moon may be so complete that they feel like a death process. We may choose to kill something off, figuratively speaking, rather than continue tolerating unacceptable conditions.

This is the last significant Scorpio juncture while Jupiter is still in Scorpio! The day after this new moon, Jupiter sashays into his home constellation Sagittarius. The moon will also move into Sagittarius later that day. This day (Nov 8) will be one of the best days of 2018 by far! The new moon will form a lovely trine to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Neptune/Pisces bring a delightfully soft, dreamy influence to this new moon – this is just what Scorpio needs to balance out her intensity.

Scorpio values quality over quantity. She is a masterful minimalist and essentialist. This is a good time to get rid of anything you don’t need. Wear white tones; eat lightly. Sleep and silence are very important. This is not a social moon phase.  As with any new moon, expect to feel more tired than usual. Though sexual energy may run higher than usual leading up to this moon phase, avoid expending sexual energy on the new moon. Avoid any kind of over-exertion. In meditation, focus on the root and sacral chakra. Breathe deeply with Scorpio Yoga.

On Nov 13, the moon enters Aquarius, marking the end of the new moon period and beginning of the quarter moon phase. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I surrender

Last Quarter Moon in Leo ☾ Oct 31, 2018

Wednesday, Oct 31 at 9.42am PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

Happy Halloween!! On the Scorpio path: a fiery encounter with the lion. Solar beams from Scorpio square the moon in Leo. Moon phases during the Scorpio cycle demarcate intense emotional events. This is especially true with Leo, ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, and Scorpio by Pluto, the planet farthest from center. These two cast their fates in the vast cosmic distance between, intertwining in some remote asteroid belt. The center of centers reaches out to the extremes. Within you there is an equally vast distance which must be overcome, collated, reconciled.

The moon moves into Leo late on the evening of Oct 30. We will begin to feel the effects of the phase at this point. Fortunately this quarter moon will peak early in the day, so by the time Halloween night sets in, the kids should be ready to go. However, parents with kids be prepared for a crabby day – nothing in comparison to a full moon, but kids still respond to quarter moons with mood swings, as we all do! Quarter moons clear the way for the new moon / new lunar cycle. On Nov 6, the moon moves into Scorpio, marking the end of the quarter moon period and beginning of the new moon.

Scorpio and Leo might not think they have anything in common, but their fixed nature makes them more alike than they’ll ever admit. Leo is the self-centered prince of the zodiac, Scorpio the brooding realist with dwindling faith in humanity. Underworld Scorpio lives in shadow. She fears nothing more than powerlessness. In this episode, we must walk out of the shadow – the shadow of fear and resentment – and into the light.

Or is it improper for me to advise walking into the light? Some dance in the shadow, some dance in the light. Not even a tangle of scorpions can drag some into the shadow. Or you may be on the sidelines, watching everyone party, and not even a family of lions could haul you into the light. Everyone else may be dancing and drinking while you stand there, simmering in something acrid. You may walk away silently in the black night to sit alone, tears streaming down your cheeks, wondering why you can’t just get over it, let go, be happy like everyone else.

And so it is when we work with fixed energies. We are one or the other, not both. Fixed skies fix us in place, glue us to our nature, cement us to our most basic impulses. They do not accommodate change or new beginnings. They speak to what is sustained, calcified, solidified. They are forces of endurance, perseverance and dogged obstinance. Whatever happens at this quarter moon is set in stone, immovable. You will know if your place is at home or at the party. No amount of convincing can change this.

I see snarling ego and frustration. I see internal conflict, clashes of character, disjunction. I see fiery hearts and feelings, insistence and adamance. I see a wick refusing to be lit. The moon is bright, chunky, ferocious, shining from the very same constellation the sun calls home. Normally it is the sun who flares from the lion’s cave. To have the moon here is a revolutionary inversion. For 60 hours every month the moon gets to see what it’s like to be the sun. A sensitive female archetype steps fully into the realm of burning rage, and through these trials and fires the moon is emboldened.

Luna’s waning light gives way to silence and solitude. Gradual descent into darkness: a return to the womb. You may feel more tired than usual. I recommend heart opening postures or confidence-inducing stances, such as those which have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone in the body. Any creative/performance act will prove especially cathartic. For diet I recommend staying away from nightshades, spicy peppers or fried food as the body will hold more internal fire than usual. Check out some guidelines I have compiled for an anti-inflammatory diet. If you want more inspiration, look up “pitta pacifying diet.” In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Power colors for Leo are warm colors like red, orange, yellow or purple to invoke the regal archetype of the lion.

Embrace uncertainty, trust in the unseen. It is neither our privilege nor our burden to know what comes. Stay loving with Leo Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  my heart is full

Mercury Retrograde ☿ Winter 2018

Mercury in Scorpio: Oct 9 – 30

Mercury in Sagittarius: Oct 30 – Nov 16

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Nov 16 – Dec 1

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Dec 1 – 6

Mercury in Scorpio: Dec 6 – 12

Mercury in Sagittarius: Dec 12 – Jan 4

Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde.

From EarthSky:

On Mercury … the Sun sometimes moves in retrograde! As the planet speeds through its closest approach with the sun, its orbital speed overtakes its rotational speed. An astronaut on the surface would see the sun partially rise, then dip back below the horizon, then rise again before resuming its east-to-west trek across the sky. Once a year, Mercury gets two sunrises on the same day!

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, more frequently than any other planet. Mercury represents communication, travel and self-expression. During Mercury Retrograde expect delays, cancellations and sudden changes to travel/social plans; technological failures, especially cell phones, laptops or automobiles; communication breakdown; disorganization; confusion; mysterious disappearances or lost/stolen items; malfunctioning of anything and everything! I do not recommend major purchases or signing important contracts/documents. This is not a good time for long-distance travel, life-altering commitments or investments. We will begin to feel the effects of the retrograde as soon as Oct 28.

Most of the retrograde takes place in Sagittarius, with just the last few days in Scorpio. The journey begins in Scorpio, however. October plunges us into Scorpio, then a brief respite until the first two weeks of December.

As the word “retrograde” implies, it is time to go back, finish, review, redo. Mercury Retrograde shuffles stifled energy out, across the tongue. With Mercury in Scorpio, we return to the past to address old wounds.  Mercury in Scorpio (Oct 9-30 / Dec 1-12) is a cathartic yet emotionally-charged cycle rendering healthy death of what must die. Scorpio heals all that has been repressed. She abides in crypts where others dare not swim, probing for insight and understanding, or conquest through manipulation. Dwelling in retroactive resentment may be tempting, or we may be unusually intransigent or begrudging.

When Mercury wades through Scorpio, it is time to cleanse the aching soul. Long overdue conversations, forgiveness, apologies and brutal honesty are all welcome. In particular, issues related to money or sexual trauma may be broached.

Scorpio is passionate, lusty, forceful. In ancient times, Scorpio was ruled by Mars, god of war. Though modern astrologers now recognize Pluto as Scorpio’s ruler, her warrior roots are still very alive. I see both in her. She is pointed and fierce yet profound; suspicious and psychoanalytical, yet fearless, persevering.

Mercury in Scorpio makes the mind and tongue so sharp they can cut bones clean open, yet this cycle is also sensual, mystical. Scorpio uncovers motivating forces. She is obsessive, fatalistic, yet meaningful, poignant. We will be able to read our environs with astounding clairvoyance. No small talk here. Speech runs to the root. Furthermore, the scorpion lives in the root chakra of the body. This is why Scorpio is so intimately linked to sex, survival and trauma. She is a hungry animal gnawing and growling, wailing us back to hard nights in the dark autumn woods, alone, fur standing on end.

Other possibilities for this transit: examination of seduction – in what ways do our desires control us? An old debt may resurface, or a new perspective on a traumatic event may be adopted. On a global scale, this period will bring more scandals and heretofore hidden agendas to light, particularly hypocrisy and sexual misconduct.

Imagine a netherworld cave with the door sealed shut. Inside are all of our jealous skeletons and ancient pains, all of our secrets and desires, festering away. Mercury in Scorpio is like a heavy lock opened only by a skeleton key at the bottom of the darkest ocean. Stand back and let it flow, do not be afraid. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio removes the blocks, and in come streams of light and fresh air. Now is the time to detox! Mercury in Scorpio allows us to actually see what lies below, drawing out everything ghoulish to create space for the glowing flames of Sagittarius.

Mercury in Sagittarius (Oct 30-Dec 1 / Dec 12-Jan 4) furthers our quest for Truth. Anything left unsaid, say it here. I think that with Mercury in Scorpio we have somewhat of a choice whether to speak or remain silent. Not so with Mercury in Sag – we have to speak, clear the air. The centaur thrives on change and movement, releasing all in the heat of the moment. What better way to invite change than by communicating high on veracity?

What comes out during Mercury Retrograde in Sag is not novel. We know already what we must acknowledge and accept. Let the archer make an impression upon you – let Truth merge with your neck, let it wind into the wind pipe, let it glow.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, administrator of altruistic justice. The centaur is kind of like Libra, but more zesty and inquisitive. All I can say is hot DAMN, he does not hold back. Bombs shall be dropped, some friendships may end. Truth is not always warmly received. Sagittarius teaches us to barrel through and say it anyway.

Sagittarius is a genuine dude. This, however, is sometimes apparent only at the end. You know when we put on our best face and pretend that everything is ok even if it’s not, purely for the sake of uninterrupted flow in the humdrum of social niceties? That’s Sagittarius.

Look out across the starry night. Freedom beckons. Shake loose the darkness and ascend.

Dates worth mentioning before the retrograde: Oct 10 (challenging), Oct 15 (harmonious), Oct 19 (challenging), Oct 29 (harmonious)

During the retrograde: Nov 26 (challenging) & Nov 27 (harmonious)

After the retrograde: Dec 21 (harmonious) & Dec 24 (challenging)

Yes, things get whacky during Mercury Retrograde, but by Dec 24 we’ll be back on track. To determine your Mercury sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

Mantra:  change is good

Full Moon in Taurus ♉ Oct 24, 2018

Wednesday, Oct 24 at 9.47am PST

Moon and Sun oppose one another in Taurus and Scorpio. This full moon is called the Frost Moon or Beaver Moon as natives would set beaver traps at this time before the water froze. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise – and this is true all over the world, no matter your time zone.

The Full Moon in Taurus heralds definitive shift. Emotional reactions rendered by this full moon speak of events from ancient recesses of the psyche. Taurus sculpts and fortifies with sure-footed ease, but the scorpion is bedraggled by suspicion. The crux of this full moon revolves around issues of power and control, and at its heart: self-control. Scorpio snarls with fear. If she trusts not, neither can she be trusted.

Taurus and Scorpio both seek a life of quality. The bull lives in the material world, investing greatly in terrestrial life, often placing too much importance on worldly status symbols. Scorpio lives in the subconscious caverns we avoid. Scorpio is volatile, complex. Every time we reach a major turning point or make life-altering decisions, scorpion energy is present.

Scorpio reminds the bull that we have an obligation to conquer our fear of the unknown, and the bull reminds the scorpion to check in and make sure everyone is physically and emotionally sound. You may be a gypsy, looking for a home, a place to be warm. Winter is coming. Taurus enters at just the right moment to reintroduce material comfort.

Taurus is tactile and affectionate with a divine connection to her body. Her weaknesses include soft, warm, fuzzy things; sugar; cats; gourmet food; long showers; endless sleep. However, the balanced bull is content with nothing but the basics. If Taurus can succeed in overcoming desire for material possessions, her next challenge is overcoming inertia. The bull moves slowly and often works in short yet highly productive bursts. She has a wonderful eye for aesthetic. Many Taureans work with their hands.

During the Scorpio season last year, and particularly around this full moon, I was living with a group of people out in the woods in California, and along came an ensorcelling Taurus-Scorpio woman. She clung to me, drunk or sober, told me she loved me, told me we were “sisters” in a parallel universe, and all the while I felt her sapping my life force, digging into my psychic space. A most unwelcome and overwhelming vampiric archetype, but a powerful woman nonetheless.

This full moon forms an electric conjunction to Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. It is not within my scope to say exactly how this will manifest, but rest assured that something of which we are currently unaware is rapidly rising to the fore. Please be cautious, especially on the financial front and with material possessions such as cars, as there is a higher likelihood for accidents.

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. They heighten emotions and intuition, such as women experience before menstruation. During the full moon, we are more likely to overreact. Unwind with Taurus Yoga. In meditation, focus on the throat chakra. Wear earth colors like green. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I create my home within

Sun in Scorpio ☼ Oct 23 – Nov 22

Oct 23 – Nov 22, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday scorpions! Halloween is truly your holiday – a night of macabre mischief and ghoulishness. My favorite :)

The scorpion slinks at midnight, seeing and feeling all, burning with desire. She is irresistible, fascinating. The Scorpio quest is transcendental, a transmutation of darkness into light. Teeth grit, bones freeze. Every year it’s the same, and every time it ends, we rise.

The scorpion has a great responsibility: one sting and all is destroyed. Scorpio is a black widow; a witch; a moonless night; a shaman; a secret; a wolf howling in the cold; an underwater lair; awakening; catharsis. She is intellectual and intense. She reads minds with ease. The scorpion roils with passion, yet she suppresses much. She feels acutely misunderstood. She is hungry for your soul, yet mistrustful at the slightest threat to her own privacy.

The boundless energy found in Sagittarius, the constellation following Scorpio, has to come from somewhere. It begins in Scorpio. The scorpion is not a one-dimensional bump-in-the-night, but a dark angel prepping us for joy and luminescence. The strengths and blockages of each constellation are unique. We need Scorpio’s probing, morbid shades and piercing inquiry before we can fly to the centaur’s “higher” skies. Without emotional/psychological transformation, such deliverance is impossible.

The scorpion’s specialty is removal of sexual trauma. She is sometimes associated with the incurring of such trauma, but I see her as a curative agent, not a menace. Yes, this transformation is serious. It is one of deep questioning and deep healing. The scorpion is an extractor of grief. She is not maternal nor friendly. This is why we might feel alone, vulnerable, helpless – pushed rather than guided.

Scorpio is reminiscent of Ganesha, remover of obstacles. The core practice facilitating scorpionic transformation is detachment, unfastening, obliteration of whatever has become an obstacle to growth and expansion. How to detach? Many modes of operation will get you there, but none so quickly as awareness of habit patterns which lead again and again to the same place. And to cultivate said awareness? Meditation.

This scorpion cycle – just as last year – will be especially intense because Jupiter is still swimming through Scorpio. (Halfway through this cycle, Jupiter transits “home” to Sagittarius – I will post on this soon.) The very first day of Scorpio (Oct 23) starts with a bang: the sun will oppose Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. Keep in mind that unexpected events are likely and the day may not pan out as we’d hoped. The following day (Oct 24) we have a giant full moon in Taurus.

On Oct 26, the sun and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio share the same degree in the sky, which means that when you look at the sun in the morning, you will also be looking directly at Venus. This is auspicious as it should temporarily ameliorate financial or interpersonal difficulties brought on by Venus Retrograde, which begins Oct 5.

Halloween looks like it is going to be VERY spicy with unexpected interpersonal conflicts bubbling up, plus the quarter moon in fiery Leo. On Election Day here in the US (Nov 6), the sun forms a trine to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. I don’t know if this will make people more delusional and misperceive reality (influence of Neptune/Pisces) or if it will manifest as more of an earth-shattering battle cry from the strongest females in the universe (influence of Sun in Scorpio). Because the trine angle is considered harmonious, I am leaning towards the latter prediction. Let’s take this potent double-water energy and use it for the highest good! Extinguish the dinosaurs in office!

Having said that…Uranus will retrograde from the first increments of Taurus back to the final degree of Aries on this day. Certainly the connotation of retrograde does not sound like it would be helpful to our radical cause. However, the regenerative, life-giving nature of Aries inspires hope – perhaps this primordial fire will encourage people to be less angry and caustic and more forward-thinking. The day after (Nov 7) is a new moon. Nov 8 looks like it will be one of the best days of the cycle, and in fact, one of the best days of the coming autumn/winter. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius early in the morning, and then the moon glides into a conjunction with Jupiter that afternoon. This is cause for CELEBRATION! The long brutal year of Jupiter in Scorpio, the year that asked ALL of us to confront the reality of sexual abuse, is coming to an end. Lastly, on Nov 16 Venus Retrograde ends and Mercury Retrograde begins :)

Scorpio rules the genitals and bladder in the body. She emanates from muladhara, the root chakra. For the coming month, pay special attention to this area. Manage your sexual energy carefully. Scorpio exemplifies the yogic concept of brahmacharya, or right use of energy. Attention is intention. I recommend wearing white if you feel stuck in the darkness. Create a retreat space for when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Move your blood with Scorpio Yoga.

Mantra:  let go

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☽ Oct 16, 2018

Tuesday, Oct 16 at 11.02am PST

The Sun in Libra squares the moon in Capricorn. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons represent a turning point. The moon is waxing, gathering momentum for fullness. The moon enters Capricorn on Oct 14, at which point we will begin to feel the effects of the quarter moon.

Libra knows every interpersonal trial and tribulation. Capricorn is a lover conditioned by work. He is stubborn, sometimes self-absorbed, but not an enemy.

This moon phase is a continuation of our collective endeavor to knit the chasm between masculine and feminine energies with rehabilitative tonics, introducing novel archetypes that are both gentle and understanding. Peace is coming. Fear ebbs, equanimity waxes. Inhale atonement, inhale reconciliation. Lay down your sword. The end of a redemption song begun long long ago gathers us to wholeness. Oh how we’ve reeled, dropped and clawed, eyes rolling back. See the golden thread – you needed to be THERE to be HERE.

Though Capricorn’s character is chronically misunderstood, his connection to work remains unquestioned. He is, first and foremost, an architect of life. Capricorn is the agent who introduces new work into our life in order to teach us something about structure. As this quarter moon dances with the Sun in Libra, that something concerns the people with whom we work. That something is about communication, living together, and living well together. It is a magnifying glass on community and what it means to be in one, how to create one without friction. It is a cold, hard look at our communal successes and failures, and yet it is wreathed in earthen prosperity and abundance. There is wealth, mostly material, and it is proof of our efforts. There are fields waiting to be harvested, and a deep sense of satisfaction emanating from the land, from the proprietors and all the weathered, love-stained hands plucking stalks and buds.

You may find yourself living and working with other people at this quarter moon, perhaps out in the woods, in the city, or maybe just for one day on a collaborative project. And you’re bound to find yourself wrapped in some interpersonal conflict. You may be appointed mediator of an argument. Life here is like a courtroom where karmic seeds pass from lip to lip.

You’ve been here before. This is nothing new and yes, it’s happening again. The same archetype looms into view with the same old tricks. Is it your chauvinist boss, refusing to make eye contact, ignoring women in every social setting, talking gruffly to the bros? Is it that fiery neighbor smoking from the nose?

Many such personas are not working for me or anyone anymore. No more bullshit. My best advice is to immediately leave a project or place if one of these antiquated Capricorn archetypes appears. In truth we should meet in a very different place, an androgynous one where the spectrum is orgiastic, not polarized and bloody. I have seen how it can be, and if your reality is crumbling, move on now sister. We’re still in the process of creating the ideal environment, so I’m not saying it exists now. But there are rare lightbeings wandering these hillsides who will shelter you from hatred and greed. They are the mossy folk with virescent eyes. Follow them, clasp hands beneath the starry tree. Leaves fall silently all around.

Early in the morning on the day of the quarter moon, Luna will be conjunct Pluto – watch for emotional volatility at this time. Settle your bones with Capricorn Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am powerful

New Moon in Libra ♎ Oct 8, 2018

Monday, Oct 8 at 8.47pm PST

Libra season: days and nights of equal length, earth steeped in gold, tilted, flirting with winter’s brambles. According to legend, the moon was in Libra when Rome was founded. Libra, daughter of Uranus (Father Sky) and Mother Earth.

New moons are new beginnings. Do you need to start over?

Libra comes from the Greek goddess Themis, whose name translates to “divine law.” Consider that our social webs are not immune to universal law, that relationships are not pleasant mistakes but heavenly constructs. Are you surrounded by the right people?

Libra encourages compromise and remaining true to our principles. Don’t give away your power. Remember that we cannot change anyone, only the way we see them. The people in our lives reflect who we are. What do they say about us? Everyone we meet is a teacher, a guru.

In classical depictions, Themis is blindfolded, wielding a sword to cut through delusion. Although Libra is recognized as an agent of balance, there might actually be very little “middle ground” in her world, with the weights of her scale like this or that, no gray area in between, world split in two. Sometimes this manifests within the Libra individual as a cold, rigid personality. These individuals tend to be condescending, left-brained types. With sword in hand, we have a choice. We can become insensitive and cut into our world and social web with extremes, pushing all that we see and feel into one category or the other; or we can dig deeper and understand the true meaning of the sword.

Do not use the sword as a weapon. Use the sword as a line in the sand. Use it to draw boundaries around you, and let others make their own. These boundaries are not meant to isolate you; they are not meant to belittle others. These boundaries are not cruel, nor are they weak. They are clearly intended for one thing only, and that is love. To set boundaries is to love yourself and others. To set boundaries is to communicate. Boundaries help everyone, and they help keep the spirit flowing all around us.

Late in the evening of Oct 9, the moon moves into Scorpio. Oct 10 looks like a difficult day, but the moon will be conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio on Oct 11, marking one of the luckiest days of the month. On Oct 14, the moon enters Capricorn, marking the end of the new moon period and beginning of the quarter moon phase. Oct 15 and Oct 29 look like exceptionally good days.

Humanity is crying out for communion, for romance, for peace. So walk humbly, shyly to your lover’s side and let’s see what we can create together.

Power items for Libra include dried flowers, pine cones or any woodland beauties. Meditate outside, sitting, standing or walking in the wind. Focus on the pelvis and sacral chakra. Breathe deeply with Libra Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  peace

Venus Retrograde ♀ Fall 2018

Venus in Libra: Aug 6 – Sep 9

Venus in Scorpio: Sep 9 – Oct 5

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Oct 5-31

Venus Retrograde in Libra: Oct 31 – Nov 16

Venus in Libra: Nov 16 – Dec 2

Venus in Scorpio: Dec 2 – Jan 7, 2019

Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde.

Venus turns retrograde once every 18 months for six weeks. We last experienced Venus Retrograde from Mar 4 – Apr 15, 2017. During this time, you may move to a new place, experience a change in a significant relationship or intensely question whether you’re in the right place. Though Venus is primarily concerned with outward and interpersonal aspects of life, this retrograde, like the others, takes us within. Venus Retrograde builds and expands our inner home. Having said that – haircuts, tattoos, piercings or any changes to personal appearance are not advised at this time.

Venus first enters Libra on Aug 6. In fact, Venus rules Libra, so I suspect that this transit (and ensuing retrograde) will be quite visceral. From Aug 9 – Sep 6, Venus inspects our relationships. Then, when she retrogrades back to Libra from Halloween to Nov 16, these relationship issues will be sharply revisited. Venus in Libra is a mighty judge of whether our relationships are truly harmonious. It is critically important to remain clear and open in communication. Stand close to those who make you feel golden and tranquil.

Libra is not unlike her brothers and sisters in the zodiac, for she makes us work until we cry. Libra digs directly into the ravines of the soul, the crevasses we hoped she’d miss. Do not evade or try to deceive her, or she will hunt you down in the middle of the night. Libra helps us overcome communication blockages. Though confrontation can be awkward and stressful, internalizing is even more uncomfortable. Yes, Venus in Libra is a bitter pill that will burn the lining of your soul, but it’s the best you’ve ever had. Listen and you will hear yourself say: finally, I should have done this a long time ago…

Libra hates when we rush and makes us pay for it dearly, so be slow, be honest, but not submissive or insecure. We enter into toxic environments/relationships because we have a toxic relationship with ourselves, truth be told. If you don’t honor your needs and ditch the toxicity, Libra will do it for you, and she can be quite forceful! Walk away with your head held high; the goddess is right behind you.

From Sep 9 – Oct 31, and Dec 2 – Jan 7, 2019, Venus spins with lusty vigor through Scorpio. Here is when we realize that the passion we sought in relationships was really intended for fierce self-love. Unstable relationships will suffer at this time. A profusion of sexual/emotional energy conjures complexity.

With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, it is time to remove malevolent sexual energies from the root chakra. A romantic partner can be of great help, but this is not necessary. Scorpio is bewitched, stopping at nothing to get her fix, churning in a gigantic supernatural whirlpool, a hot-blooded kiss on the lips, fervent, vehement, chasing her prey relentlessly. Hers is the wounded heart, compulsive, fearful of losing power. Drunk on sheer intensity, wants become needs. Twist inward, penetrate to the core, ask yourself what is the meaning? Just as Shiva rebuilds the world from utter ruin, so too can the scorpion. She teaches that we must break down before we break through.

The Goddess of Night wants to shock you, so watch her dance from the darkness, gleaming in the light of her cauldron, bubbling with potent medicine for the blistered soul. Watch Scorpio cling with mad singularity from beneath the floorboards, the psyche’s rotten well, the locked basement. Blackest black gives way to light. This is the scorpion’s goal, to find the edge and careen into the abyss: renewal through obliteration. Though she’d never admit it, Scorpio desires vulnerability more than anything, soul stripped naked, nothing left between her and truth.

Venus Retrograde is the perfect opportunity to set boundaries where there were none. The feeling here is “all things fated.” We no longer have a choice; life unfolds as it must, regardless of attachment or not feeling ready. The most quintessential theme of Venus Retrograde is social malfunction. Conversation may be stilted, awkward, off-key. Unexpected delays or cancellations are common. Take this opportunity to be solitary. One peculiar thing will start happening to you, however. Against all odds, deep in your ravine of solitude, you will be contacted by people you haven’t seen or talked to in years. Maybe it will be a message, a phone call, or maybe you will run into them while you are searching for the perfect snack to complement your solitude. They will be lovers or old friends, someone with whom you shared an intimate connection, the kind of connection that, even when left for many years, quietly, like a letter in its yellowing envelope, suddenly comes back to life with such force and emotion that you willingly fall back into it, awash all over again in its profound impact upon you, moved by the sweet revelation that it never left, resurrected instantaneously as it were, as though it were just yesterday that you strolled side by side, merciless in your youth.

Dates worth mentioning: Aug 7 (harmonious), Aug 9 (challenging) & Aug 26 (challenging)

Sep 8 (challenging) & Sep 12 (challenging)

Oct 10 (challenging), Oct 15 (harmonious) & Oct 26 (harmonious)

Nov 9 (harmonious) & Nov 30 (challenging)

Dec 21 (harmonious)

Stay balanced with Libra Yoga; go deep with Scorpio Yoga. To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I love myself

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer ☾ Oct 2, 2018

Tuesday, Oct 2 at 2.47am PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

On the Libra path: a nurturing encounter with the crab. Solar beams from Libra square the moon in Cancer. Libra is the goddess of love. Cancer is the great mother spirit. Together these archetypes coalesce in absolute harmony, stirring our emotional anatomy in the best way.

The moon initially moves into Cancer on Oct 1. We will begin to really feel the effects of the phase at this point. On Oct 7, the moon moves into Libra, marking the end of the quarter moon period and beginning of the new moon. Quarter moons clear the way for the new moon / new lunar cycle.

Moon phases during the Libra cycle demarcate social gatherings. This usually, but not always, means romance. This moon phase is usually a very popular wedding date. Perhaps you’ll reconnect with old friends or classmates. In any case, Libra moon phases are about interpersonal relationships and this one, specifically, is about those who make us feel at home. Moreover the moon is “at home” in Cancer, as Cancer is ruled by the moon – this is very auspicious. Let her fold you into all that is heartwarming and familiar. Speak with starry eyes of your life and plans.

The moon will form a strong trine to Venus, ruler of Libra. Though the moon and sun square one another at the quarter moon, the moon herself will extend a friendly hand to Venus. I see joyful, tender reunion. Embrace your loved ones. Exhale into the sweetness of family and community.

However! – later that same day, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto. I do not recommend traveling or signing anything important. In other words, treat this day as you would Mercury Retrograde. Lastly, between this moon phase and the new moon, Venus Retrograde will begin on Oct 5.

Luna’s waning light gives way to silence and solitude. Gradual descent into darkness: a return to the womb. You may feel more tired than usual. As Cancer rules the digestive tract in the body, it is important to eat well. If you want some inspiration, feel free to look at some guidelines I have compiled for an anti-inflammatory diet. In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Power flowers include roses and daisies. Open your heart with Cancer Yoga.

This phase will likely lead you from one setting to another – a change of scenery, if you will. Wherever you go, enjoy the cuddles, belly laughs and good stories. Put on your finest. Create a cozy atmosphere with art, music, libations and a meal for everyone to share. Keep the connection burning bright with heartfelt conversation. Get out on the dance floor, and I’ll see you there. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  my heart is full

Full Moon in Aries ♈ Sep 24, 2018

Monday, Sep 24 at 7.54pm PST

Moon and Sun oppose one another in Aries vs. Libra: the axis of relationships. The Algonquins call this full moon the Hunter’s Moon. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

If any full moon were to suggest conflict, it would be this one, riding in on the back of fiery, impulsive Aries. Peace-loving hippies tremble when Aries the warrior appears on the horizon.

Aries rules the head, brain, eyes, face and muscles in the body, as well as blood flow. Adjectives like hotheaded come directly from the archetype of Aries. Nothing about this full moon is quiet. At this full moon we must avoid hotheaded behavior, eyes burning in the sockets, a flaming tongue singeing all who cross your path.

Aries can be unpredictable, reckless, temperamental, restless. Nothing comes soon enough or fast enough in his world. Screaming, yelling, fighting, blaming – all are distinct possibilities. Stay cool out there.

Each human relationship and conflict is a microcosm of the emotional labor being performed on a greater level across the globe. This full moon asks whether our interpersonal relationships are mutually respectful. The health of our partnerships will be directly reflected in our own physical and psychic health. If you are not surrounded by the right people or partners, you will know immediately. Exit now.

Locking yourself into toxic relationships now may bring about serious consequences during the upcoming Scorpio season. Even if you ignore your intuition, the conflicts you inevitably encounter will direct you where you need to go. Move slowly, though you know already what to do. Insight is forthcoming, readily available.

The astrology of this full moon is contentious: the sun and moon face off, and then squaring both the sun and moon is good old Saturn in Capricorn. These angles suggest confrontation of trust and fear in relationships. Look for defense mechanisms in the form of reticence or rigidity. Self-loathing, pessimistic patterns have the opportunity to be broken now. Any deep unhappiness or feelings of inadequacy will rise to the fore.

Stay close to your soul tribe. Like a new star in the sky, like a butterfly unfurling, soar as though you have just discovered your body. The real magic of Aries is rebirth, primordial fire, bones licked clean, muscles straining to reach the highest peak. RISE UP FROM ALL DIRECTIONS!

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. They heighten emotions and intuition, such as women experience before menstruation. During the full moon, we are more likely to overreact. Get it all out with Aries Yoga. In meditation, focus on the solar plexus chakra. Wear warm colors such as red, orange or yellow. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I AM

Sun in Libra ☼ Sep 22 – Oct 23

Sep 22 (Vernal Equinox) – Oct 23, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy Equinox! Happy birthday scaly people! Libra season demarcates the autumn equinox every year. (Libras are left-brain creatures who usually do not ascribe to astrology! Diehard skeptics, cautious, mathematical, attracted to numerology, symmetry and aesthetic.)

Libra falls on the midway point of the zodiac wheel, coming in at number seven of 12. Likewise she represents the midpoint of the body, ruling the lumbar spine and sacral chakra. If you have low back pain, it is important to AVOID forward folds. Often low back pain is a result of over stretching – forward folds only further aggravate the low back! The muscles of the low back hurt because they have been stretched beyond their original size and shape. Instead open the hips and the front of the body. Think of how often our spine is rounded: texting, driving, cooking, sitting, working on the computer, etc. In fact, we stretch the muscles of the low back almost constantly throughout the day. More info at Libra Yoga.

Libra is also connected to something called prana. The prana vayu governs respiration, swallowing, sensory intake and the mental body. Prana is associated with inward/upward spatial direction. When prana vayu is weak, we misperceive the reality of our surroundings. Think of imbalanced prana as intake malfunction of the mental and/or emotional body.

Libra’s quest takes the form of uncomfortable social experiments. Libra teaches us to speak up and practice healthy confrontation. Don’t hide, don’t internalize – be honest and say what you need to say. Communicate everything, no matter how infinitesimal. Whatever happens, do not compromise your value or self-worth.

Each constellation waters different karmic seeds. In Libra these are the seeds of interpersonal relationship. Soul contracts of all kinds culminate during this cycle: twin flames and friendships and vampiric sinkholes alike. We all have seeds to release here, and it’s not all beautiful. Do not hesitate to receive new humans with prudence, even reservation. Observe and get to know people. Ask lots of questions, pierce the gray.

If you live communally, you know how the winds of communication fly from mouth to mouth, mind to mind. There’s nothing hippie-harmonic about it. The scale not only symbolizes balance but also decision-making and intensive listening. Before “weighing in,” Libra gathers as much information as possible. However, if this intake period lasts too long, a decision may never be reached. At this point we may purport to be on both sides at once, or resort to passive-aggressive communication, even if we know exactly how we feel.

It’s not Libra who wavers and waffles, it is us, our own frailty in the face of her demands. Be firm in your choices. Non-commitment and non-action, though devilishly tempting, are strictly forbidden!

Libra calls for contemplation. We have to think while we move. What is the right choice, how to know? Look at your current social circle. Moving to a new physical location may be necessary, but even some shift, however subtle, in how and with whom you spend time may be enough. If you need, make radical change and make it now — walk or RUN away from toxic people. Don’t stay and tell yourself that it will all work out if it’s not working now.

Friends and lovers are a reflection of who and where we are. Through trial and error we whittle down the “outside,” refining soul contracts and coming to know the value of real peace. If you have been polishing your inner diamond, working hard to better understand yourself and your needs, then I see a magnificent window for true love and communion with another or, even better, yourself.

The full moon of Sep 24 looks like it is going to be wild – I recommend exercising caution, nothing too risky or unusual. The good news is that the energy of this full moon will continue ramping up to a spectacular trine between the sun and Mars in Aquarius on Sep 27 – should be a truly dynamic, exciting couple of days. The quarter moon of Oct 2 looks challenging, but there is great opportunity for cathartic emotional release in the form of a long overdue conversation. Venus Retrograde begins on Oct 5 – many Libra type challenges will present themselves over the coming months. Oct 10-11 may be especially difficult as well. This cycle ends on a very striking note with a direct opposition to Uranus Retrograde in Aries – anything could happen! Prepare for the unexpected.

Libra’s gifts are found in the hearts of those who are calm. Stand close to them. Avoid those who are strong in character, as they may prove especially volatile, controlling or angry. In meditation, focus on the sacral chakra. Try balancing poses in yoga. Happy star gazing!

Mantra:  peace

Mercury in Libra ☿ Sep 21 – Oct 9

Sep 21 – Oct 9, 2018

Mercury is patron of economics, travel, communication, perception and the human mind. He is also an orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury led freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds.

When Mercury joins the sun and/or Venus in the same constellation, the mind (Mercury) aligns with outward manifestation (sun) and the heart (Venus). The day before this transit begins (Sep 20), Mercury and the sun will be at the exact same degree in Virgo; this is called a conjunction, with two planets in the same place in the sky, as seen from Earth. This will be one of the most copacetic, productive days of the month. Mercury and the sun will then cruise together in Libra for this entire cycle.

Mercury emanates from the throat and mind; Libra speaks to our interpersonal life. Mercury in Libra reviews our partnerships. Are you surrounded by the right people? Or are your relationships unhealthy, be they romantic, professional, platonic or otherwise? This transit is a master class in diplomacy, what it means to relate, to express, to co-exist. Be assertive. Step boldly, speak honestly. Who do you want to be in the great lattice of humankind?

Libra falls right in the middle of the zodiac wheel. She represents compromise – meeting halfway – pacification of polarities. But the scales vacillate wildly. Though Libra hates rocking the boat, she does it constantly, unintentionally. The scales are not level until the end. As such, watch for acute indecision and poor communication.

Under Libra’s influence we will be surrounded by others at all times, which means endless opportunities for karmic release! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of standing up for yourself. If you stay silent, you will be trampled. That’s the situation. Libra is ruthless and I do not recommend testing her. Avoid clinging to illusions in order to avoid reconciling opposition, or seeking validation at all costs. It is possible to accommodate others while still respecting your own needs.

Libra spreads peace, love and union, but she also specializes in the destruction of partnerships which are not built to last; there may be bitter fights, divorce or two-faced behavior. But there is also marvelous potential for true love to bloom during this time. After all, Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love.

One element of Libra’s identity rarely discussed is that of the mystical crystal-gazer. It is she who prepares us to enter the waters of Scorpio, and this transition from activism and social justice to scorpionic depths — where otherworldly surprises are not surprises at all, and the idea that we might see and create the future is a given — is not so abrupt once we familiarize ourselves with Libra’s supernatural attributes.

Libra comes from the founding oracle Themis, Greek goddess of divine law. What happens when we disregard her psychic wisdom? Nemesis, goddess of retribution, pays a visit. In English we use the word nemesis to describe someone who is an enemy, but those we consider problematic are apparently sent to us because we have ignored the counsel of demiurges such as Libra/Themis.

Mercury in Libra teaches the importance of right communication. When the Scorpio cycle arrives, we are then (ideally) partnered with healers and angels, not energetic vampires. Scorpio transits are advanced inward expeditions. As such, we cannot risk company incapable of wading beside us.

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. In Libra it is the rooster who shines from Mercury’s breast, proud and poised. As ruler of beauty, aesthetic and art, Libra is known for her taste and style. She worships value and quality. This is the perfect time to clean, beautify or rearrange your living space.

It looks like the skies are going to be quite tense around the full moon of Sep 24, so I would exercise caution at that time, especially the day before, during and after. Similarly, on the quarter moon of Oct 2, Mercury will form his own square to Pluto – prepare for emotional volatility. Lastly, Venus Retrograde begins on Oct 5, so we’ve got some serious interpersonal turbulence coming our way.

Bring balance to your life with Libra Yoga. Give special attention to your abdomen, pelvis and sacrum. In meditation, focus on the sacral chakra. If you were born with Mercury in Libra, these couple weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I listen

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☽ Sep 16, 2018

Sunday, Sep 16 at 4.16pm PST

The Sun in Virgo squares the moon in Sagittarius. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight. Quarter moons represent a turning point. The moon is waxing, gathering momentum for fullness.

On the evening of Sep 13, the moon will be conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. This marks one of the luckiest days of the month. The moon then enters Sagittarius on the evening of Sep 14. We will start to feel the quarter moon at this point.

Virgo and Sagittarius are both mutable signs. This means cosmic stimulation, bodies piqued, bright rings of conversation, a circle of voices; hands they work, tongues they wag. Sagittarius is the soaring one we envy, alive in unfolding wonder. Sagittarius is the voice of freedom, the spirit dancing at midnight hour. The centaur encourages joyful, forgiving attitudes and teaches that all things are possible.

Though it swirls in candied light, Sagittarian idealism is not always to be trusted. Wrench your eyes from the centaur bobbling playfully. Come into Virgo’s arms. Observe her maturity, her methods. See the way she weaves skin, gut and soil. Her counsel is ancient, sourced from the deepest taproots on earth, frosted by truth.

Virgo pours seeds on smooth pine in the golden garden of dawn. Rolling her fingers over every one, she speaks plainly, guiding and sorting. For autumns endless she has shuffled seeds before us. And every autumn Sagittarius peers around the gate.

As Sagittarius excels at spontaneity, it is easy to get distracted at this time. This quarter moon marks a time of great movement and travel. It will be more difficult than usual to remain calm, present and centered. If possible, stick to a solid, unchanging routine. Immerse yourself in work.

Sagittarius is expansive; he is good; but he is zany, disorganized, always running. When you see him shimmering in the field, question him. Only when he is calm can we learn his Way. Do not mistake his enthusiasm and booming voice for affirmation.

Center your vision on the tip of the arrow and see its trajectory billions of ripples in the distance, fixed to a star moving thousands of kilometers per second, reeling and dipping. Sagittarius skips naively and aimlessly into the forest, luminescent tail bouncing, mighty horse legs on stone and moss, then ascends in a twinkling helix to a galaxy beyond the known.

After the quarter moon on Sep 17, the moon will be conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. This marks one of the most productive, fruitful days of the month. The moon enters Aries on Sep 24, marking the end of the quarter moon phase and beginning of the full moon.

Wear purple or warm colored clothes and gems. Move your body with Sagittarius Yoga. In meditation focus on the crown chakra. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I aim