First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☽ July 27, 2020

Monday, July 27 at 5.33am PST The frisky Leo sun squares the whirlpool moon in Scorpio. First quarter phases clarify. When fixed constellations work together, it is time to muster all of our strength and conviction. The first quarter moon rises at noon, peaks at dusk and sets at midnight in all time zones around the world. Luna enters Scorpio late on July Read More

Sun in Leo 🦁 2020

July 22 – Aug 22, 2020 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Contact me for a natal chart reading to learn more! Happy birthday kitties! Heart-deep in the astrological year, we arrive at Leo, king of the zodiac. Leo is ruled by the sun, so the sun is “at home” for this Read More

New Moon in Cancer ♋ July 20, 2020

Monday, July 20 at 10.33am PST Another new moon in sweet sweet Cancer! We just had a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on the summer solstice of June 20. Last month’s new moon in Cancer was certainly interesting – not your typical solstice with the pandemic + protests + Mercury Retrograde. I spent that weekend Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Aries ☾ July 12, 2020

Artist: Mia Ohki Sunday, July 12 at 4.31pm PST At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon – no matter your time zone. At this station, the fiery moon in Aries squares the tender Cancer sun. The moon initially moves into Aries late on July 10, our monthly mini awakening. Luna transitions to Read More

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ♑ July 4, 2020

Saturday, July 4 at 9.30pm PST Photo: Jimmy Westlake Happy full moon! Happy lunar eclipse! The July full moon is called the Buck Moon because it coincides with new antler growth on young deer. It is also called the Thunder Moon for summertime storms. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at Read More

First Quarter Moon in Libra ☽ June 28, 2020

Sunday, June 28 at 1.16am PST The nurturing Cancer sun squares the fierce moon in Libra. This first quarter moon follows the brilliant Summer Solstice + New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. First quarter phases clarify. When cardinal constellations work together, it is time for centering and realignment. The first quarter moon rises at noon, peaks at dusk and sets at midnight, no matter Read More