Venus in Aquarius ♀ Dec 19 – Jan 13

Dec 19, 2019  – Jan 13, 2020 Venus: goddess of art and romance, pleasure and beauty. Venus in rebellious Aquarius infuses the heart with freedom and passionate defiance. When her freedom to be as she is feels even slightly threatened, the water bearer braces for battle. This archetype is not warm or fuzzy, but fervent, Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo ☾ Dec 18, 2019

Wednesday, Dec 18 at 8.59pm PST At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon; this is true all over the world, no matter your time zone. At this station, busybody moon in Virgo squares the enthusiastic sun in Sagittarius. This is the last moon phase in the Sagittarius Read More

Full Moon in Gemini ♊ Dec 11, 2019

Artist: Jen Bartel Wednesday, Dec 11 at 9.14pm PST The December full moon is called the Cold Moon for obvious reasons. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise; this is true all over the world, no matter your time zone. Moon and sun oppose one another in curious Gemini Read More

Mercury in Sagittarius ☿ 2019

Artist: Kokab Zohoori-Dossa Dec 9 – 28, 2019 Mercury: patron of travel, communication and the human mind; orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury leads freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds. As Mercury governs mental processing, it is his influence which determines our Read More

First Quarter Moon in Pisces ☽ Dec 3, 2019

Art: “A Slow Emergence” by Emily Kell Tuesday, Dec 3 at 10.58pm PST The vibrant Sun in Sagittarius squares the fanciful moon in Pisces. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight all over the world, no matter your time zone. The moon initially enters Pisces the night before the quarter Read More

Jupiter in Capricorn ♃ 2019-2020

Dec 2, 2019 – Dec 19, 2020 Jupiter profoundly influences human life from year to year. It takes 12 years for Jupiter to circle the Sun; twelve constellations in twelve years = one full year per constellation. This upcoming year Jupiter will spin through earthen Capricorn. Since Nov 8, 2018, Jupiter has been at home Read More

New Moon in Sagittarius ♐ Nov 26, 2019

Tuesday, Nov 26 at 7.07am PST Every month the moon spins into the same constellation as the sun. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. This month the moon and sun sparkle together in vivacious Sagittarius. The moon will then enter Capricorn two days later on the morning of Nov 28. On the Read More

Venus in Capricorn ♀ 2019

Artist: Kawase Hasui Nov 25 – Dec 19, 2019 Venus: goddess of art and romance, pleasure and beauty. Venus in Capricorn is a clarifying force, arriving just in time to sort out all the questions and lessons associated with fiery Sagittarius. Capricorn helps us make sense of change; ground down; and practice efficiency. We will Read More

Sun in Sagittarius ♐️ 2019

Artist: Juliette Oberndorfer Nov 22 – Dec 21 (Winter Solstice), 2019 Remember – your sun sign is just one planet in your star-soup. Happy birthday unicorns! Sagittarius crackles into view. Weary traveler, turn toward this new horizon – see the fiery centaur spiraling like a rainbow comet out into space. Mutable energy gathers momentum exponentially. Read More