Mars in Leo ♂ 2019

July 1 – Aug 17, 2019 Mars in Leo cultivates strength and sovereignty. Mars, God of War, fought only if it secured peace. So fight if you must, but fight for a cause, as a warrior of peace. Fight only if your heart (rather than your ego) is roused to battle. Mars in Leo is Read More

Sun in Cancer 🦀 Summer Solstice 2019

June 21 (Summer Solstice) – July 22, 2019 The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup. As always, Cancer season begins on the summer solstice. This year the first day of Neptune Retrograde also coincides with the solstice. Read More

Full Moon in Sagittarius 🔥 June 17, 2019

Monday, June 17 at 1.31am PST Sun and Moon oppose one another in Gemini and Sagittarius: the axis of seekers and ramblers. This full moon brings movement, adventure, teaching and learning. We are all teachers and students! What are you here to teach? What are you here to learn? The Algonquins call the June full moon Read More

Venus in Gemini ♀ 2019

June 8 – July 3, 2019 Gemini is the sign of twins and social connectivity. When Venus dances in Gemini, cerebral and creative energies soar. This transit brings opportunities to meet new brothers and sisters and open up our circle. The more we share and co-create, the more we expand. Expect more conversation, buzz and Read More