Sun in Gemini ☼ May 21 – June 21

May 21 – June 21 (Summer Solstice), 2019 The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup. Happy birthday, wind spirits and sprites! …How cathartic and comforting are these dreams of twin flames, real or imagined, old and Read More

Full Moon in Scorpio ♏ May 18, 2019

Artist: Danial Ryan Saturday, May 18 at 5.11pm PST Sun and Moon oppose one another in Taurus and Scorpio: the axis of all that can be seen, versus all that cannot. Together these two constellations narrate tangibles and intangibles, form and dissolution of form, conscious thought and subconscious desire, straight paths and winding staircases. The May Read More

Mars in Cancer ♂ May 15 – July 1

May 15 – July 1, 2019 Mars was often depicted nude in ancient Rome to demonstrate his fearlessness. See now Mars in Cancer, a warrior of utmost femininity, stark naked in the battlefield of love. In Cancer, the warrior planet lays down his sword. Mars in a water sign promotes creativity, emotional release and self-care. Cancer Read More

Venus in Taurus ⚢ May 15 – June 8

May 15 – June 8, 2019 Venus rules Taurus (and Libra), so she is “at home” here in Taurus. The bull is simple and familiar, representing basic human needs like touch, home, comfort, food and raw materials. Earth energy sits honey-dappled, sweet and heavy, juicy and ripe. Taurus lives in the body’s warm weight, wrapped in Read More

First Quarter Moon in Leo ☽ May 11, 2019

Saturday, May 11 at 6.13pm PST The Sun in Taurus squares the moon in Leo. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk and set at midnight all over the world, no matter your time zone. The moon is waxing, gathering momentum for fullness. The moon enters Leo on May 10, staying until May 12 Read More

Mercury in Taurus ☿ May 6 – 21

May 6 – 21, 2019 Mercury: patron of travel, communication and the human mind; orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury led freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds. Mercurial energy is androgynous. Think of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and identity plurality. When Mercury Read More

New Moon in Taurus 🐮 May 4, 2019

Saturday, May 4 at 3.47pm PST Happy new moon everyone! Last month we had the new moon in Aries, a day many astrologers consider the new year. This upcoming new moon (with the sun, as is always the case at the new moon [same constellation]) is in Taurus, like an earthy kiss planted in our Read More