Full Moon in Sagittarius 🔥 May 29, 2018

Tuesday, May 29 at 7.20am PST The May full moon is the Flower Moon or, according to The Farmer’s Almanac, “Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon, mark[ing] a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom.” Luna will rise at Read More

Venus in Cancer ⚢ May 19 – June 13

May 19 – June 13, 2018 Venus represents art and romance, pleasure and beauty. Her transits speak to the heart. In Cancer, we see the power of woman, of unconditional love, of roots and comfort and what it means to be settled. Venus in Cancer provides soothing, supportive counsel. The crab feels as she swims Read More

Uranus in Taurus ♅ 2018-2026

May 15, 2018 – Apr 26, 2026 Uranus is all about freedom. Uranus defies tradition and embraces eccentricity. He is innovative and future-minded, ruling areas of life like intellectual enlightenment and scientific discovery. Uranus is the spark which catalyzes unorthodox trajectories and upends societal norms. Uranus now enters Taurus for the first time since 1942. I Read More