Mercury Retrograde ☿ Fall 2015

Mercury will station retrograde in Libra from Sep 17 – Oct 9, 2015 Mercury turns retrograde 3-4 times a year, more frequently than any other planet. Cool tidbit from EarthSky: On Mercury, for example, the Sun sometimes moves in retrograde! As the planet speeds through its closest approach with the sun, its orbital speed overtakes its rotational Read More

Supermoon in Pisces 🐳 Aug 29, 2015

The Full Moon in Pisces comes exact on Saturday, August 29 at 2:35 pm EST Click here to learn about the Moon. Click here to learn about Pisces. This particular full moon is called the Harvest Moon, Corn Moon or Barley Moon. As I’ve discussed in recent posts, the Virgo cycle is one of symbolic Read More

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio #2 ☽ Aug 22, 2015

The 1st Quarter in Scorpio comes exact on Saturday August 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm EST Click here to learn about the Moon. Click here to learn about Scorpio. Yes, we had a first quarter in Scorpio last month too (First Quarter Moon in Scorpio). Sometimes we end up with two identical moon phases all Read More

Jupiter in Virgo ♃ 2015-2016

Jupiter transits Virgo from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016 Click here to learn about Jupiter. Click here to learn about Virgo. Jupiter transits have a profound impact on the arc of human life from year to year. Since last summer 2014, Jupiter transited Leo. Whenever Jupiter transits a fixed sign, life is rough around Read More